Marketing Mix

Topics: Marketing, Marketing mix, United States Pages: 2 (763 words) Published: October 19, 2005
In this paper I will be discussing the four elements of the marketing mix. First I will describe the product element of the marketing mix. Then I will describe the place element. From there I will describe the price element of the marketing mix. And, finally I will describe the promotion element of the marketing mix. I will also discuss how each element is implemented within Comcast Corporation, a profit based organization. Product

The product element of Comcast would be the services that they provide to their customers. These services would include: cable television service, high speed internet access service, and local telephone service. Of the three services that Comcast provides the cable television would be the largest revenue generator. Of the three services the local phone service is the lowest generator of revenue. The high speed internet access service is growing at a much larger rate than the other two products but does not yet provide more revenue than the cable television service. Comcast is involved with the entire line of the product, from the installation of the product, to the upkeep of the product, to providing constant 24 hour technical support, all the way to disconnecting the product. Here is a brief description of the typical services life. First the customer calls in to the sales department. From there the customer is given an appointment for a technician to come and install the service. Once the technician comes and installs the equipment, if needed, the customer will begin to be billed for the service at that time. These products are provided to Comcast customers in almost all 50 states across the United States. That leads me into my next point. Place

The place element at Comcast would be the geographical location in which they provide their service to their customers. Comcast Corporation provides all three products, cable television service, high speed internet access service, and local telephone...
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