Marketing Mix.

Topics: Marketing, United Parcel Service, Marketing mix Pages: 4 (1196 words) Published: October 5, 2008
Marketing Mix Paper
Mark Moeller
University of Phoenix
MTK421 Marketing
Laurence Hanson
September 26, 2008

Marketing Mix Paper
In today’s global market organizations need to understand how marketing mix works to ensure a productive and profitable future. Marketing specialist has several decisions to make to ensure product goals is made and marketing mix works as a way to organize the decisions in to four smaller, manageable section call the four P’s (product, place, price, and promotion). This paper discusses the four P’s of the marketing mix, how United Parcel Service (UPS) uses the four P’s to develop marketing strategies and tactics to ensure growth and a prosperous future for UPS and the companies they serve. UPS

UPS established in Seattle, Washington over one hundred years ago by James Casey and Claude Ryan. In 1907 Casey and Ryan, two young teenage entrepreneurs started American Messenger Company with a loan of $100 dollars and over the years Ryan and Casey grew the company by expanding services and through acquiring other small delivery companies. In 1919, after acquiring several other package delivery companies, the company decided to change the company’s name to United Parcel Service (UPS) as away to promote the company and all the companies acquired as one company working together to serve. Over the last hundred years UPS has mastered the marketing mix and today is worth more than $50B dollars, operates around the world, employs over 400,000 and is the largest shipping company in the world. UPS knows the only way to be successful is understand and use the four P’s of marketing mix. UPS considered in the business world as the master of marketing and offer marketing services to assist companies with the development of new products and services. The Business Development (BD) marketing specialist spend countless hours analyzing each step of marketing mix process to recommend...

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