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Marketing Mix Paper
Yellow Freight Inc. is a trucking company that moves a wide variety of products for companies all over the world. “Any need met, Anytime guaranteed, Anywhere your business goes” is the motto that Yellow Freight stands behind.

I used two contacts that I know personally for this paper. The first contact that I used was my Father James Belser he is the Lead Driver for Yellow Freight and Teamsters Executive Board Member, my father has been part of this corporation for 29yrs. The second person whom helped me with my paper was Brad Byrd, he is a Systems Coordinator and he has been a Yellow Freight employee for Six years.

Yellow Freight inc. is a trucking company that offers the following options for their clients: ← Regional: Standard ground regional advantage of 1, 2, and 3 day regional service ← National: Standard ground throughout North America from pickup to delivery ← Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico: Fast, frequent ocean service ← Canada and Mexico: Dedicated cross-border service

← Global: YRC Logistics-Seamless air, ocean and ground service around the world
They offer these services to all customers. They are a very broad based company with a great deal of expertise and experience under their belt so to speak.
The four major areas that need to be covered when it comes to marketing are comprised of product, price, place and promotion. When it comes to product Yellow Freight Inc. will move products for all big companies and they also move freight for individuals as well. It just all depends on what the individual would want to have moved. Yellow Freight does move hazardous materials as well, which comes with a material handling fee of $23.00 dollar, that’s a flat fee for all hazardous material.

As stated above a flat fee of $23.00 dollar to move hazardous material through Yellow Freight. The fees some of which may be flat or they are fees that are dependent on other factors. The prices vary by what the customer wants and needs. The attachment below will show the various prices, rules & conditions that need to be followed before a consumer can use Yellow Freights Shipping System: a) This electronic publication shall be known as Yellow Tariff 115 or YFSY 115. This publication explains Yellow extended services, exceptions to NMFC items as well as the rules and conditions of service that apply on shipments moving under other publications, pricing agreements or individual customer contracts which show YFSY 115 as a governing publication, or that otherwise apply for shipments that Yellow handles. Any exceptions to these provisions will be noted in customer-specific pricing agreements or contracts that apply for individual Yellow customers.  Except as specifically noted, all extended services charges are to be paid by the party requesting the service. The authorizing party’s pricing agreement will apply when applicable; otherwise it will default to shipper’s specific pricing agreement. The item numbers refer to corresponding publications. b) Extended Services

When business-to-business transportation service is not enough, Yellow is poised and ready to provide the additional transportation-related services necessary to meet your needs and the needs of your customers. The following is a list of our standard extended services. If your business requires services not shown in this section, please contact your Yellow Account Executive or call our customer service center at 1-800-610-6500 to discuss how we as a company may be able to help by performing customized extended services. See attached copy of price list for Yellow Freight Inc. |[pic]    [pic] | |INDEX TOPIC |SERVICE FEE |ITEM NO. | |Absolute Minimum Charge...

References: 1. Belser, James, Lead Driver and Teamsters Executive Board Member
2. Byrd, Brad, Systems Coordinator
3. Cool, James, Live Chat Consultant, South Dakota Customer Service Center, Sept. 2004
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