Marketing Mix

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Marketing Mix


Swiffer is a great product and has a grip on the market. The quick addition of line extensions helped at first but now seems to hinder. Swiffer should go back to the basics, and focus on making their successful product even better. Not by adding features necessarily, but by making sure the main products, (Swiffer, Swiffer Wet, and Swiffer Wet Jet) are stellar. They need to make sure that those lines are solid, and have great satisfaction rates. This commitment to quality will get them farther than having fifty different variations of the product. This is a case of KISS, keeping it simple will help them grow the market and gain loyal customers along the way


Although Swiffer currently has found several avenues for consumers to purchase products, the ability for growth still remains. The majority of the marketing plan requires a pull strategy, but distribution will have a pull focused one. With higher distribution channels it not only increases customer awareness and brand recall for the product. It also offers the potential for higher profit margins on specific products. Currently the Swiffer Sweeper has the smallest refill amount available at 12 replacement sheets. If Swiffer refill locations were placed in gas stations, the ability to sell a 3 or 5 pack at a higher margin per refill sheet is absolutely obtainable. Consumers are willing to pay for convenience. Picking up a small pack of refills for a little extra to avoid an additional trip to the grocery store may provide beneficial to an ever increasingly time sensitive culture. In stores where Swiffer can be currently found improved methods of shelving are ideal. Refill kits should be available at end caps near the front registers.


The main thrust of the promotion will be focused around increasing trial. Swiffer is dominating the market by leaps and bounds. First times trial is the key to sustainable margins and growth. Ways to get that trial...
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