Marketing Mix

Topics: Pricing, Marketing, Alcopop Pages: 4 (1446 words) Published: November 22, 2012
Bacardi Breezer and the Marketing mix

Following the success of Bacardi rum, created in 1829 (Smith, 2002) the company decided to diversify in 1994 launching Bacardi Breezers. These are "refreshing blend of Barcardi rum, fruit juices, exotic flavourings and sparkling mineral water" ( Bacardi were the first to launch ready-to-drink alchopops and are currently the market leader in the segment. The Bacardi Breezers come in many different flavours such as watermelon, orange, line, pineapple, peach, grapefruit and cranberry. Bacardi also more recently brought out a half-sugar range with zesty lemon and raspberry flavours. Its fun colourful packaging with the distinctive bacardi logo is perfect for its target market of 18-24's. I do feel that Breezers may possibly be aimed more towards females with how colourful the alco-pops are, however that does not mean to say that Breezers don't appeal to males. The packaging is the same for all bottles except the colour of the smaller labels determine the flavour of the alcopop being consumed. The bottles tend to only come in two different sizes, the smaller 275ml bottles which are most popular with the on-trade but are sold by both, and the 700ml bottle sold only by the off-trade. The 275ml bottles are also only available in 4 packs whereas competitors such as Smirnoff Ice sell 12 bottle packs. The "core" benefit of Bacardi breezer as a product is that it gets the consumer intoxicated, however this is not the only reason for consumption. When planning a product the core benefit is turned into an actual product, which then become the tangible benefits "they need to develop product and service features, design, a quality level, a brand name and packaging." 1 (Armstrong, G. (2009) Marketing An Introduction. Essex, Pearson Education.) So bacardi breezers product feature is its pre-mixed contents, its service features being helplines. Its design being more colourful than...
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