Marketing Mix

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Establish and Adjust the Marketing Mix

The largest moto fashion retrailer in AUS is the slogan of Braaap. This paper would explained the market mix strategies used at Braaap to become a successful company in business of dirt bike, pit bike and mini bike. Pricing, Promotion, Products, Channels of distribution and Customer Serviced are the key ingredients at Braaap. The report would give the samples approaching to customer. Pit bike, Dirt Bike, Mini Bike and their parts and accessories are available to shop online and in store. Braaap offers their own brand name bike or other major brands including: ProTaper, Renthal, Daytona, Elka and Castrol. Braaap refers their bike as the best dirt bike of its type in the world. It is assembled by Braaap’s mechanics base in Australia. There are 4 superstores branches around Australia. Not only bikes are the products at Braaap, other fashion accessories are the main products too. Action sports equipments, for example, helmets, riding gear, T-shirt, shoes, jeans and spare parts of bikes are available to shop. Pricing Policy and Customers

[Q3, Q5]
At Braaap, the price of products is various. For the price of accessories and spare parts is divided into 4 ranges * $0 – $24.99
* $25 - $49.99
* $50 - $249.99
* and over $250
Additionally, Braaap also offers the payment plan for those who cannot afford a bike with $3 a day for a bike. The law of demands is often referred as Consumer wants to buy more of a product at a low price and less of a product at a high price. This inversion of demand and price shows that the higher price of products the less willing to buy. However, there are amount of people who purchase a higher price product because they believe a product is better in quality. At Braaap, they offer the products to attach customers at different level. The main customer of Braaap is a young-adult who has a passion in this sport. As to answer their passion, they intend to buy a good quality product or branded name even though the price is more expensive. Therefore to have payment plan or loan program that would help to increase the demand to purchase high-end brand bike. For the beginner the lower price products raise the demand of this group of consumer. The prices range from $0 – $49.99 would answer the demand of beginner whereas the higher price for group over $250 as well as the loan campaign would target to the expert or sport lover group. Importance of Market Outcome [Q4]

Promotional Methods
Promotion is a tool to play in the marketing mix. It enables the shop to influence the purchase behavioral. Using promotion along with other tools such as Advertising and personal selling would enhance the chance to succeed in market share. The big promotion at Braaap is to be able to decide the payment plan and leasing for bike. The customer would spend a lot of time to make decision before the purchase is done when they look to pay over $1,000 for a bike. However, to create the promotion where only $3 a day can own a bike would create greater opportunity to bring new / existing customer to purchase. Additionally, at Braaap you can see the promotion to lower the price. This promotion mechanism is a good tool when the owner would like to sell any particular parts or accessories by reducing price to get more attention of customer and increase a chance to buy (even if a consumer may never want). Channels of Distribution

A channel of Distribution refers to the marketing middle man who joins together to transport or store products from producer to consumer. At Braaap to distribute the product, the strategy is to have multi-branches in different areas. According to the website, there are 4 superstores located in two states, VICTORIA and TASMANIA. The more number of branches Braaap has the greater opportunity to access to the consumer. Additionally, Braaap also looks for new franchise to join. This would...
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