Marketing Mini-Project

Topics: Athletic shoe, Footwear, Shoe Pages: 4 (1191 words) Published: August 1, 2007
Woman or man¡¦s shoes

Three Stores:
Aldo, Payless Shoes, Sport¡¦s Check,

We pick three different stores that have different characteristics throughout the store decoration, sales, and the style of the shoes that each of the store carries. The stores are Aldo, payless shoes, and sport¡¦s check. Aldo carries fashion shoes which attract people who are more considering about the look of themselves. Payless Shoes has different brand of shoes and style with lower price which is more acceptable than most of the shoe stores; however, the selection of shoes are less and not trendy. Sport¡¦s Check provides more selections of outdoor shoes which targets the people who are seeking for and considering about the functionalities and comfortableness.

During the observation, the characteristic of consumers can be divided into age, sex, and professions. In Aldo, the purchased groups are mostly female and very few male. Aldo¡¦s targeted consumers are people who are capable of sustaining a higher price range of trendy products. Moreover, the ratio of space used to display female and male products in all Aldo branches is about three to two. Although the display products are updated on a biweekly basis, men¡¦s shoes updates every quarter. Aldo targets mainly in female consumers because female consumers often do luxury shopping. In contrast, male consumers update their outfit and accessories on a more irregular basis. As well, we noticed that female and male in suite would spend longer time looking and try wearing the shoes. Since the shoes these people choose from represent and illustrate his or her professionalism, the style and color of the shoes that they prefer are usually simple, classic and monotone. Younger people aged around eighteen to twenty-five often look for shoes that are trendy, fancy, and stylish. To the young group, shoes play a crucial part of fashion. Last but not least, another interesting point we also noticed is that,...
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