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Question 1

“What are Metabical sources of differentiation comparing to current weight-lost options?”

• Metabical was the first prescription drug approved (by FDA) for overweight individuals (with BMI > 25 and < 30)

• The composition, divide in two layer (appetite suppressant and fat blocker and calorie absorption agent)

• Less negative side effects

Question 2

“What are the pros and cons of the different demand forecasting methods presented by Printup?”

• 1st approach: looking at the number of overweight individual in the United State (BMI between 25 and 30) and narrowing down the population to those who were actively trying to lose weight (35% according to the CSP Study)

o Pros: Focus strict on the overweight people, where Metabical have more positives results.

o Cons: Is Focus on the population who were actively trying to lose weight but not have focus on the people really like to take weight-loss drugs.

• 2nd

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