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Topics: Customer service, Qualitative research, Marketing Pages: 4 (1192 words) Published: January 20, 2013
To: Marketing, Staff
From: Marketing, Director
Date: 20 January 2013
Subject: Fallen Hero Monument Proposal

Our men and women of the United States Armed Forces are every day roles models that protect the values our forefathers fought so hard to attain. As they confront terrorism aboard to protect our city streets, their actions have inspired many throughout the world to bear the title American. Though the fight to keep us free is not an easy task they stand ready and willing to combat those that abhor the American way. Every one of them has taken an oath vowing to give their lives for our country’s sake, idolizing those who have already. Though the horrific images of September 11, 2001 inhabit our thoughts, many service members have given their live in defense of the all the loved ones we lost that day. As our hearts mourn we looked to them with optimism in hope of a better day. Since the attack on the World Trade Center we have lost more than 4,600 U.S. service members and sustained over 18,000 causalities (CNN, 2013). According to the New York Times (2012), our service members will begin their transition home in January 2014, and plan to leave behind a small regiment of soldiers for security related reasons. So we must give them a warm welcome home.

Here at Vets for Life, we are dedicated to honoring and serving our military service members. For over 13 years, we have assisted more than 1200 veterans obtain employment, honored 75 service members for outstanding patriotism, cared for countless gold star mothers, and donated an estimated 2.6 million dollars in scholarships and to charities across the Nation. We will continue to provide 24-hours assistance and quality customer service for all those brave men and women who defense our Nation. In keeping with our tradition and core values, I have constructed a plan to pay respect to our fallen heroes and thank those that so proudly served. This small token of our...

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