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Chapter 1

Telecommunication media has added a new dimension in modern life. Today nothing is imaginable without this new dimension. Telephone has become in segregate living tools for modern life. Modern telecommunication technology has shaped different forms of phones, telegraph, fax, E-mail, Internet, Pagers, Cellular phone and so on. Since 1991, cellular phone companies in Bangladesh have been playing a vital role in the economic development and life style of the people.

It is obvious that without widespread use of telecommunication no economic development is successfully possible. As the fixed phone is more expensive and timely, the government is encouraging cellular phone companies to run their business in Bangladesh. Other telecommunication services are also being privatized. Again Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) is a newly emerging technology that is integrated mobile and Internet technology.

Mobile phone concept is not a fresh baby in Bangladesh that has already invested a lot and new opportunities have now been born for Bangladesh and the government is earning more revenue through its expansion. It has got a riches is the latest addition in the World of smooth and effective communication so that its demand is increasing day by day. It was first introduced to the Bangladeshi Market in 1991.

In our country Grameen Phone started its network on March 26, 1996. At first the company marketed its pre-paid sim cards. Then the company made an agreement with the Grameen Bank in exchange of 10,000/= security money. The company gave the members the opportunity to pay the cost of the phone set through weekly installment. The condition is also now on. The only change happened in security money.

In today’s Bangladesh, there is no perfect alternative of Grameen Phone. It is now on the flow of developing its program so rapidly that it seems that this company is going to capture the master market of mobile phone in our country. Therefore, no doubt, its future prospect is bright.

1.1 Importance of the study:

The term paper task “Study on the Present state of marketing scenario of Grameen Phone Limited & discussion on how marketing can help to strengthen the overall performance of the organization” was completed as a subject requirement of the course Marketing Management MKT-521. I have become able to prepare a detail research of my subject. I indulged myself in the practical field to collect necessary data and prepare this report. I hope it would be able to satisfy the researcher, as well as to build up my future career.

In my report, I have tried my best to open up the performed activities of Grameen Phone Company. In my report I have also added the shortcomings and probable measures of the company. My entire study is conducted to keep in view the above-mentioned objectives.

1.2 Objectives of the study:

Every study must have its objectives. Again the objectives should be specified and well defined. The main objective of my work is to evaluate the existing marketing system of Grameen Phone in Bangladesh and its problems and to discuss how marketing can help to strengthen the overall performance of the organization.

Bearing the above view in mind, I have notified the following objectives for my research.

1.     To observe and evaluate Grameen Phone’s marketing activities. 2.     To extricate its problems.
3.     To extricate its diffusion processes throughout the society. 4.     To measure it’s Marketing efficiency.
5.     To find out the fruitful ways of solving the problems.

1.3 Methodology:

I followed some fundamental steps in the process of marketing research. In my research, I adopted some method to conduct the activity:

Definition Of The Problem:

The first step of marketing research is to carefully define the problem, which I already have defined.

Source of information:

In the next step, I determined the sources of information that would be...

Philip Kotler and Gary Armstrong, Principles of marketing: 12th Edition.
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