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Marketing management


Raffles University
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Lecturer: Nazaretha C. Villacruz
Done by: Erdenezuchi Purevtseren

Word count: 1591

Build-A-Bear Workshop is a very successful organization. It is a place where small children to big kids can play and enjoy the place. The founder of Build-A-Bear is Maxine Clark. She had the idea of making a teddy bear when she was only 10 years old. At that time she wanted many different types of teddy bears. And she could never find a suitable one. That is when she started making her own teddy bears. The inspiration became very important to her life. Soon people realized that having a custom made teddy bear was a great idea. And children loved it. At first people didn’t think that Build-A-Bear would be ultra successful. But it actually happened. In the first few months Build-A-Bear made hundreds of thousand dollars. The first Build-A-Bear Workshop store opened in October 1997 at the Saint Louis Galleria. Then Build-A-Bear spread around the world. Build-A-Bear was truly a new idea. That’s why it was so successful. The difference between Build-A-Bear and its competitors is that they can make children’s wishes come true. Kids can choose their own teddy bears and also dress them with their own style. It’s like their goal is to make the teddy bears to life. That’s why Build-A-Bear Workshop very successful.

1. Build-A-Bear Workshop customer’s needs wants and demands are very important for the company and for the customers itself. Being clear and certain in needs, wants and demands is one of the important keys to success for a company. Build-A-Bear customer’s need is pretty clear. A need is something that comes from within a person. It could be food or drinks. So Build-A-Bear must think from the customer’s point of view. If I were a customer what would I expect from this company? Then they can find a solution. The answer is simple. The customers need is to be entertained and to


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