Marketing Management and Market Orientation

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Define Marketing Management
People are exposed to marketing in almost everything and they can see the results of marketing in the advertisements on television, internet, and so on and in the abundance of many products. So marketing can be define as an area that has been evolved over time and its process is a set of activities that includes understand, deliver, create and communicate about a product or service to customers, clients. According to The Chartered Institute of Marketing marketing is “The management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably” (The Chartered Institute of Marketing). Among the management functions like organizing, financing and producing, marketing is recognized as a vital function by many companies. In the opinion of Prf. Rustom S. Davar Marketing Management is the discovering of the consumers’ needs, converting them into the products or service to the ultimate consumer, so that needs of specific categories or groups of the customers could be so satisfied that by the most favorable utilization of the resources, the could derive the maximum benefits (Mundra, 2010). Physical and psychological factors are the main focus in the Marketing Management, also motivate, coordinate, control and direct are one of the principal resposibility to achieve marketing management goals.

Define the Market Orientation
Naver and Slater (1990) define Market Orientation as “the culture” that most effectively and efficiently creates the necessary behaviours for the creation of superior value for buyers. They measure the extent of market orientation through the behaviours that are the manifestations of those values. These authors define three basic components as: customer orientation, competition orientation and inter-functional coordination (Naver, 1995). Market Orientation is the business motivation within a company, because it is focus on identify and provide the needs and wants of a target...
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