Marketing Management

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Ch 1 Question 1 Which of the following statements is correct? a) Marketing is the term used to refer only to the sales function within a firm b) Marketing managers usually don't get involved in production or distribution decisions c) Marketing is an activity that considers only the needs of the organization, not the needs of society as a whole d) Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large Question 2 The term marketing refers to: a) New product concepts and improvements b) Advertising and promotion activities c) A philosophy that stresses customer value and satisfaction d) Planning sales campaigns Question 3 In the history of marketing, when did the production period end? a) In the late 1800s b) In the early 1900s c) In the 1920s d) After the end of the Second World War Question 4 A marketing philosophy summarized by the phrase "a good product will sell itself" is characteristic of the _________ period. a) Production b) Sales c) Marketing d) Relationship Question 5 Which of the following factors contributed to the transition from the production period to the sales period? a) Increased consumer demand b) More sophisticated production techniques c) Increase in urbanization d) The Great Depression Question 6 An organisation with a ______ orientation assumes that customers will resist purchasing products not deemed essential. The job of marketers is to overcome this resistance through personal selling and advertising. a) Production b) Marketing c) Relationship d) Sales Question 7

In the relationship marketing firms focus on __________ relationships with __________. a) Short term; customers and suppliers b) Long term; customers and suppliers c) Short term; customers d) Long term; customers Question 8 Political campaigns are generally examples of: a) Cause marketing b) Organization marketing c) Event marketing d) Person marketing Question 9 The Coca Cola organisation is an official sponsor of the Olympics. The firm is engaging in: a) Place marketing b) Event marketing c) Person marketing d) Organization marketing Question 10 Today's marketers need... a) Neither creativity nor critical thinking skills b) Both creativity and critical thinking skills c) Critical thinking skills but not creativity d) Creativity but not critical thinking skills Question 11 Which of the following is NOT an element of the marketing mix? a) Distribution b) Product c) Target market d) Pricing Question 12 The term "marketing mix" describes: a) A composite analysis of all environmental factors inside and outside the firm b) A series of business decisions that aid in selling a product c) The relationship between a firm's marketing strengths and its business weaknesses d) A blending of four strategic elements to satisfy specific target markets Question 13 Newsletters, catalogues, and invitations to organisation-sponsored events are most closely associated with the marketing mix activity of: a) Pricing b) Distribution c) Product development d) Promotion

Question 14 The way in which the product is delivered to meet the customers' needs refers to: a) New product concepts and improvements b) Selling c) Advertising and promotion activities d) Place or distribution activities Question 15 The key term in the American Marketing Association's definition of marketing is: a) Process b) Customers c) Stakeholders d) Value Question 16 A critical marketing perspective is the process of determining: a) The value of a product, person, or idea b) How places compete with each other c) The worth and impact of marketing activities d) Which type of promotional strategy works best Question 17 When customer expectations regarding product quality, service quality, and value-based price are met or exceeded, _____ is created. a) Customer satisfaction b) Planning excellence c) A quality rift d) A value line Question 18 A...
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