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INTEL case study
1. Discuss how Intel changed ingredient-marketing history. What did it doso well in those initial marketing campaigns?In 1980s, Intel faced a problem to distinguish itself from the competitors and tried to convince consumers to pay more for its high performanceproducts. By creating the ingredient-branding campaign, Intel mended thematter and made history in 1991. To become distinctive, it chose a namefor its latest microprocessor introduction that could be trademarked Pentium. The “Intel Inside” campaign was the answer for the brand awareness problem. This campaign helped move the Intel brand nameoutside the PC and into the minds of customers when the Intel gavesignificant rebates to computer manufacturers to include Intel logo in their PC ads or add the “Intel Inside” sticker on the outside of theirs PCs and laptops. It succeeded in distinction and then rais ing customer’s brand awareness in its very first step of marketing campaign. The later achievements came from several effective and identifiable marketing campaigns in the late 1990s to become a recognizable and well-likedingredient brand name. Special advertisements coming out with “BunnyPeople” series had made strong impression in the audience’s mind. Famous Blue Man Group was also used in its commercials for Pentium IIIand Pentium IV. Intel effectively utilized the basic factors of advertising like creativity and used celebrities’ influence with the public to draw most attention of consumers.

In 2000s, Intel promoted its development by doing more marketing efforts.New products were developed to extend its target market. In 2003, amultimillion-dollar media effort was made around the new platform called “Unwired” which based on the core product Centrino, a unique integration of a new microprocessor, an extended battery, and wireless capabilities.Although the PC industry slowed in the mid-2000s, Intel continued to leadthe market by seeking opportunities in new growth areas such as...
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