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CleanWell Hand Sanitizer - Zero germs – inst

Maria Abbas - 9088
Mariam Haleem - 8775
Khurram Zakaria - 8870
Suleman Ahmed Ali - 8754

Date of Submission:
April 19, 2009

Course Supervisor:
Dr. Munzir Ishaque

Report Topic:
Marketing Plan for
CleanWell Hand Sanitizer

CleanWell Hand Sanitizer - Zero germs – instantly!!


Students of Principles of Marketing
Institute of Business Management

Dear Readers:
We have been authorized to conduct an elaborate study on the Marketing Plan of any product, by the Management of Institute of Business Management and the course instructor of Principles of Marketing, Dr. Munzir Ishaque. The enclosed plan contains thorough Marketing Plan and its associated required elements. Emphasis will be to evaluate as much material as possible to familiarize ourselves as well as the readers with the overall planning activities, when marketing any product. I hope that this report will serve the requirement of being a complete set of information to develop any marketing plan.

Yours sincerely,
Maria Abbas
Mariam Haleem
Muhammad Khurram Zakaria
Suleman Ahmed Ali


April 19, 2009

Dr. Munzir Ishaque
Course Instructor
Principles of Marketing
Institute of Business Management

Dear Sir:
Here is the marketing plan of CleanWell Hand Sanitizer that you have assigned and authorized us is now ready for your perusal. This plan gives the details about the nature of the business, missions and objectives, effects on industry analysis, controls, marketing strategies, assessment of objective and issues, comparison of different brands of hand sanitizer and budgets with financial analysis. If you require any further clarification or have any queries, it would be brilliant of us to answer your questions and facilitate your understanding on the plan.

Yours sincerely,
Maria Abbas
Mariam Haleem
Muhammad Khurram Zakaria
Suleman Ahmed Ali



As the students of MBA Executive at the Institute of Business Management (CBM) with Principles of Marketing as our subject of study, we have been authorized by Dr. Munzir Ishaque, our course supervisor at CBM to involve in extensive research and evaluations relevant to their areas of study. Our aim is to prepare a marketing plan to launch a product in the hygiene industry. The carriers of this letter are enrolled with the Principles of Marketing, program of the MBA Executive course. We would like to recommend them to carry out a detailed study on CleanWell Hand Sanitizer Marketing Plan. We are sure that this study will not only lead to the growth of his skills in the course, but will also result in the compilation of important data related to one of the prominent areas of business in Pakistan. We look forward to your full support and guidance to the undersigned students.

Best regardsRecommended Students

Dr. Munzir IshaqueMaria Abbas
Course Instructor`Mariam Haleem
College of Business ManagementMuhammad Khurram Zakaria
Suleman Ahmed Ali


Dear Readers:
We would like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude to the people who have supported us in the compilation of this comprehensive plan. Firstly, we would like to thank our teacher, Dr. Muzir Ishaque for enlightening us with the requisite knowledge of Principles of Marketing course and giving an insight of the significance of marketing strategies and tactics in business operations. Secondly, we thank all the people who provided us the required information and data necessary to fulfill the scope of this plan. We hope that this plan will prove to be a useful source of study in the area of marketing as well as in the hygiene industry, for the students taking up the course of Principles of Marketing and others in future. Thank you

Yours sincerely,...
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