Marketing Management

Topics: Marketing, Bank, Financial services Pages: 13 (3833 words) Published: April 6, 2014

Module Title: Marketing Management
Programme: MBA – Part Time

Table of Content
1.0 Introduction2
2.0 Executive Summary2
3.0 Business Nature of AmBank3
4.0 Past and Present Business Strategy3
5.0 Challenges of AmBank4
6.0 Customer Experience5
7.0 Customer and Marketing Segmentation, Targeting and
Positioning of AmBank6
8.0 Rebranding9
9.0 Right Marketing Mix12
9.1 Product 12
9.2 Price 13
9.3 Promotion14
9.4 Place14
9.5 Process15
9.6 People16
9.7 Psychical Environment17
10.0 Conclusion17
11.0 Reference18
12.0 Appendix 120

1.0 Introduction
How much does a company really concern on their customers’ experiences nowadays? No matter you are in a small business or international company employing over 10000 employees, the common challenges are the same. It is insufficient to just know where customers shop or what brand of product they purchase. It becomes a big challenge in marketing management efficiency, do not even talk further about survival, growth, profitability business and desired image in public.

The key to competitiveness is being able to understand why customers make the choices they do, how they feel about their choices and what they experience at each step when they engage with your organization. When accurate, that understanding can give marketers the interpretable ‘intelligent information’ of being able to predict customer behaviors and positively manage customers’ experiences.

Thank you to rapid increases in computer processing power and a multitude of data sources, marketers can find out what time of day their customers prefer to eat their favorite meal at a certain fast food restaurant and what they tell their friends about it. They have the ability to learn if a customer would rather get an email or a text to find out about an upcoming sale, also can learn through analysis how certain types of customers are likely to respond to specific offers, and even how what time and where those offers promoted. Based on what customers’ needs, we can strategy the right marketing plan to align in deliveringthose expectations more efficiently to create value for all stakeholders.

2.0 Executive Summary
Marketing management can be as simple as process of strategic planning and executing the conceptual, pricing, promotion and delivery of products, services or perhaps ideas to achieve customers’ satisfaction and meanwhile company achieves its goal. Initially we need to have a unique, quality or outshine design of the product or services, identify the target group of public, reach them with advertisement and promotion through different effective channelsto create the awareness and attraction. Customer experience plays an important role during and after sales service to create the customer loyalty, hope the sales can be recurred and as such company sales target or goal can be met. The key to effectively achieve company sales target or create the good reputation on product or company image is we need to clearly understand own company standing in the market and what exactly the products or services are being offered by the competitor.

Marketing consists of activities in flow of products and services from the point of production to consumption. Vision and mission must be clearly conveyed to the entire company, from top management to bottom employee, with use of integrated of information system which are linked and interdepend to every department (example product or service owner, Human Resource, Finance Department, Manufacturing Department and Marketing Department), the intelligence interpretation of information are produced to strategy the appropriate marketing plan.

3.0 Business Nature of AmBank
AmBank is one of the leading financial institutions in business of retail,...
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