Marketing Macro and Microenvironments

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The marketing microenvironment is defined as the forces close to the organisation that affects its ability to serve its customers. The actors in the microenvironment can be identified as the organisation selling the product or service, marketing intermediaries, customer markets, competitors and publics. This applies to just about any product, including luxury handbags, and services such as facial treatments.

The organisations selling the products or service in this case are those that sell luxury handbags or provide facial treatment services. Take for example; Louis Vuitton as a producer of luxury handbags.

Marketing intermediaries help the organisation to promote, sell and distribute its goods to final buyers. They include resellers, physical distribution firms, marketing services agencies and financial intermediaries. Resellers are distribution channel firms that help the organisation find customers or make sales to them. Retailers may buy luxury handbags and resell the merchandise. Physical distribution firms help the organisation stock and move goods from their points of origin to their destinations. Luxury handbag producers would use them to move their handbags to their stores, whereas a facial treatment provider would need to move the products it uses for treatments to their facility. Marketing service agencies are the facilitating agencies such as marketing research companies or advertising agencies. Target markets for luxury handbags and facial treatments are specific, and marketing research would have to be prior to advertising, in which the advertising firm will then market the product or service to potential customers. Finally we have financial intermediaries. Most companies depend on banks to finance their transactions, be it for financing the production of handbags, or the financing of spas which provide facial treatments.

The organisations must also study its customer markets closely. The organisation can operate in five types of customer...
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