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Marketing MACAU: A Festival Destination

Convention and Hospitality Management, Bachelor Degree Study

Since 2008, China announced "Program for Reform and Development of the Pearl River Delta", Macao as "the World's Tourism and Leisure Center" since the Macao SAR used the strategic positioning and direction of development, focusing on promoting the construction of high-quality tourism city, improve the quality of tourism products and services. The city holds over 60 large-scale festivals in town every year in order to change the old image of Macau which is “The City of Gambling and Sex”, like Macau Art Festival, Macau International Music Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Macau Grand Pix…and the newest one is the Latin City2012. But whether most of them are effective for developing Macau as a “World Tourism and Leisure Center” and to improve the image of Macau? In this study, we would like to find out what’s the current situation for Macau Tourism Festival now and how can Macau develop it’s tourism industry base as an International Festival Destination.

KEY WORDS The World’s Tourism and Leisure Center, The Macau Government, Tourism Festival, The Image of Macau, Current Situation, International Festival Destination INTERDUCTION

After the liberation of gaming industry in 2002, Macau has become an international tourism destination and had bought large visitor volume and gaming revenue. More and more countries / cities follow the steps of Macau to open its gaming licenses in order to increase the gross revenue nowadays. There is less differentiation between the gambling facilities compared to other gaming region, include the gaming tables and machines. How the investors / government do is based on the non-gaming facilities and the overall quality of tourism facilities to make it different. However, it is important for Macau tourism industry to find out what’s the unique point and unique attraction of Macau. Also it’s important for Macau to maintain a sustainable growth in long run which can be ensure the three aspects of economic, social and environmental have positive change. In order words, Macau should remain its competitiveness as tourism destination and attract more tourists. Also its mentioned by Ritchie & Crouch that in order to enhance the competitiveness of the destination, the industry must create memorable experiences and more attraction to visitors.

“What makes a tourism destination truly competitive is its ability to increase tourism expenditure, to increasingly attract visitors while providing them with satisfying, memorable experiences, and to do so in a profitable way, while enhancing the well-being of destination residents and reserving the natural capital of the destination for future generations.” Ritchie & Crouch (2003)*



*Ritchie, J. R. B., & Crouch (2003), The Competitive Destination: A Sustainable Tourism Perspective. Wallingford: CABI Publishing LITERATURE REVIEW
The Tourism Industry
Macau, a 29.9 KM2(Macau Statistics and Census Service,2011) former Portuguese colony situates at Southern China, is the only region which gaming industry is allowed to develop. Since the liberation of the gaming license in 2002, Macau’s GDP has increased from MOP 54,072 million 2002 to MOP 292,090 million in 2011(Macau Statistics and Census Service,2011). The tourism industry is becoming the most important industry which mainly focuses on event, gaming, hotel and heritage. The tourism industry has brings a huge number of tourists to Macau. The volume of total visitors has increased from 11,530,841 in 2002 to 28,003,003 in 2011 (Macau Statistic and Census Service, 2011). Although Macau have a huge number of tourists, but the tourism industry is still lead by the gaming...

References: “用節事活動點亮澳門文化旅”(2009),
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