Marketing Kraft Food Group, Inc.

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Kraft Foods Group, Inc.
Kraft Foods Group, Inc. is a compilation of C.W. Post, Oscar Meyer and James Lewis Kraft. Each of these men started a business that would grow significantly because of the innovative thinking and vision they had to produce a product that gained customer loyalty and profits. The way they conducted business in the late19th Century, early 20th Century showed vision for a future that would be able to distribute products effectively and efficiently through advertising the brand name. “Mr. Post used marketing techniques that are now considered industry standards, but which were innovative for their time. These included extensive advertising, coupons, free samples, product demonstrations, plant tours and recipe booklets” (, 2013). Many organizations today offers, free samples, coupons and product demonstrations and the amount of money that are used for marketing is astronomical. Each of these men went around the communities to advertise and sell the products to customers, by using horse and cart. This gained the trust of customers and the appreciation that they delivered allowed them to gain even more business.

Throughout the years as each of the companies grew and the “brand name” became popular and trusted by consumers, allowed for mergers and acquisitions to expand the businesses to make higher profits. In the early 1980’s General Foods acquired all three companies and formed Kraft Foods Inc. in 1989. “Kraft is a beloved-billion-dollar brand that spans the continent with many different products from peanut butter to cheese and "anything" dressings” (, 2013). A fact believed by millions across the world. Many household in North America and Canada believe the “brand name Kraft” to be a name to be trusted. Kraft was a subsidiary of Mondelez International until 2012, a spun off was done to allow Kraft to focus on the North American and Canadian grocery business...
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