Marketing Issues: Green Marketing and Market Entry

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Issues of “Green Marketing” and “Market Entry”

Two issues that are extremely important in business to business marketing today are “Green Marketing” and “Market Entry.” One of these issues is a relatively new issue and one of these issues is an issue that has forever existed, but remains a prevalent question. There is much information out there on each of these topics, and everyone seems to have their opinion. Thus, let us explore these two business to business marketing issues and discover the different facets of “Green Marketing” and “Market Entry.”

The first issue, “Green Marketing” is a newer issue in the eyes of marketers. “Green Marketing” is defined as the marketing of products that are presumed to be environmentally safe. Accordingly, this issue can encompass a significant range of activities. One of the first articles I found was on the Direct Marketing Association’s website about their new “Green Marketing” Professional Development Program. This article talked about for the first time the opportunity to earn career education credentials through this DMA Certificate in Environmentally Responsible Marketing is available. The article states “DMA’s ERM certificate program, which we believe to be the first of its kind in the world of advertising and marketing, is designed to instruct marketers from all fields on practices that will help their marketing efforts to be relevant, responsible, and results-driven in increasingly important ways (DMA Introduces).”

Thus, this article illustrates just how important “Green Marketing” has become in our society. It is now being taught, and people are now being certified in it as an integral and necessary part of the marketing profession. This also shows that it is moving from less of a trendy detail, and is more of a necessary detail in a marketer’s repertoire.

Another article, found on the Direct Marketing Association’s website Mintel Comperemedia Sees Green Marketing, Business Tactics Used To Weather Financial Crisis posted on October 16 talks about how Mintel Comperemedia a corporation that tracks direct marketing and print advertising has observed more financial companies “going green” in recent months. Mintel expert Susan Menke thinks this is an excellent strategy for these companies. In Menke’s opinion going green will help the companies cut overhead, attract environmentally aware customers, and stay abreast of the competition. All of these are good things to help the image of the financial industry not just in recent times, but looking forward in years to come. Many companies have gone paperless, they do online banking, and bank statements, these details simultaneously eliminate waste and cut down on mailing cost. Accordingly, online banking and bill pay options have been very popular. Thus, this is an example of “Green Marketing” gone right (DMA Mintel).

Another example of “Green Marketing’s” popularity is an article found on the Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch about the Phoenix Chapter of the Business Marketing Association welcoming Author Derrick Mains to speak. Derrick Mains is the Vice President of Green Marketing for New Media Marketing’s GreenNurture platform. Mains said, “We will discuss how the collective eco-actions of individual employees can have a positive impact both on the environment and on their employer’s bottom line.” Thus, as we see here and we see in the financial world the object is not entirely environmentally driven, but how we can use these environmentally driven issues to increase profits (Derrick Mains).

This brings us to the next article about “Green Marketing” on PRWeb Make Your Marketing Greener: A Five-Step Approach for Businesses they announce the release of a book “Green Marketing 101: A Step-by-Step Guide” this book was written specifically for businesses and marketers and outlines five steps people can take to help make smart choices while developing a “green” campaign. The article adds that although the...

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