Marketing in Egypt After the Revolution

Topics: Democracy, Marketing, Sociology Pages: 3 (805 words) Published: March 30, 2012
Marketing in Egypt after the revolution

Egyptian society has recently faced an overwhelming change since 25th of Jan, 2011 revolution. This change has severely affected major life aspects whether economically, socially, politically, or in the attitudes or behaviors. Definitely marketing has always been a way to express society changes and in many cases may be the reason or direct effect for changes in the society itself Since the revolution, marketing has been far more important than before, as marketing has not been just about products or services, but it has shifted to marketing a point of view, idea or even people themselves. It has been used to market certain political views like liberal, democratic, civil rule or even to market a religious point of view. It has helped as well marketing certain political candidates through several channels directly and indirectly. There have been several channels to deliver the desired marketing output whether online, billboards, TV programs, or even word of mouth.

The marketing story behind the revolution:
Marketing was implemented mainly to deliver a certain point of view or idea, an attitude or certain belief, motive or desire, even stimulating the need itself to change and be bold.

Marketing in the beginning was mainly used to stimulate the need to change, to hope for a better future, to have new possibilities taking advantage of the enthusiasm and ability to take risks in the youth generation. It started in late 2010 through political talk shows, Dr. Baradeiy interviews, and major unfortunate events that ended with the death of “Khalid Saied”. The latest was severely used to market the idea that the regime was unfair, unmerciful and corrupted. Then it widely spread online “face book and twitter” and through word of mouth as a way to object to the current situation with no further intentions at the time After the 25th, marketing was used to promote the idea of heroism and glory of Tahrir Square,...
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