Marketing Implementation Strategy of a Retail Store

Topics: Body piercing, Retailing, Body modification Pages: 4 (1373 words) Published: March 17, 2007
Marketing Implementation Retail Project Upbeat - The Fashion Studio T.V.Swamy road RS Puram Submitted by Vidya. K Cpg05bm119 The retail store chosen for conducting this study is "UPBEAT – The fashion studio". The reason for choosing this shop for the study is the uniqueness of the products and services it offers and also the support and cooperation extended by the proprietors. Before looking into the marketing implementation of this store, it becomes essential to gain understanding of the 3 C and the 4 P structures, which would give a better perspective while looking at the marketing implementation as a whole. The 3 C Analysis Customer The target segment of upbeat is the youngsters falling within the age group of 18 – 25, mostly men. It is the students and youngsters of the upper middle class and the higher end of the socio economic classification that the store targets. Almost all the college students in the city frequent the shop for their apparel and other requirements. There are a few lower end customers as well who are loyal to the store for the low cost T-shirts priced around Rs.100. The typical customer of Upbeat is the one who looks out for the latest in fashion and trends, and who is ready to spend money to keep himself in vogue with the hottest craze in the market, and the fact that Upbeat is constantly up to date with the latest trends, brings them back to the shop again and again. The other customers of Upbeat are the men who want to differentiate themselves from the others and carry a "funky" image about them. These are the kind of people who opt for tattooing and body piercing services provided by the shop and thus, the demand for these services have constantly been on the rise in the past two years. Company The store was started 6 years back in 1999. It is a partnership with two partners – Neil and Dhaval. Started as a small roadside shop 10* 12 in size, the store is now over 2000 sq.ft in area. The store has a reputation among its clientele as the...
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