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Assignment 1
Hospitality and Tourism organizations do not operate in a vacuum and as such, must continually assess the factors which impact upon the business operations from the internal and external environment. Identify and explain the various Micro and Macro Environmental influences which exist, with examples relevant to the Hospitality and Industry and suggest what tools a Hospitality and Tourism organization might use to assess its marketing environment.

La Mon Hotel & Country Club has been chosen as the study base. In order to create the foundation on which to build SMART objectives and create effective recommendations for strategical planning, following analysis have been developed:


PEST Analysis

political factors:

-The incremental rise in interest rates by approximately 1% , might have an effect on consumer buying power and also disposable income levels within the medium and long term.

-Changes within the Industry:
Northern Ireland is the only place in Europe where night clubs cannot sell alcohol later than 1.00am and this situation does nothing to help NI's tourism industry.

- Smoking Ban may have an affect on businesses in the future. The implications of an overall ban would have on the industry would be more so in the pub sector, hotels having a more family orientated and diverse market segment could relish the smoke free environments.

-The Disability Discrimination Act, which was brought into effect in October 2004, is very significant also. This is part three of the act
which means service providers may have to consider making permanent physical adjustments to their premises.

-Also an overall decline in
global tourism has caused a major threat towards the Industry. (terrorism) - careful monitoring of our local political stability !!!

economic factors:
- Firstly the labour market is extremely stable at present with an unemployment rate of just 5% under the EU average of 10.0% showing relative business stability in that area ( Poland 20%)..

- Economic growth will accelerate to 3.0% in 2005, whitch is extremely beneficial to the hospitality. .
- Tourism figures which plays a major part on the hotel sector is also on the rise. The Northern Ireland Tourist Board (NITB) indicate an increase of 11% in total visits to 1.935 million.

- Interest rates have risen a further 0.25% to 4.0% in February 2004, affecting the consumer spending power. - over 20 million people in debt
- minimum wage changes will also have a great effect on businesses in respect of labour cost.

technological factors:
- growing tendency tu use ´live help´ options on websites not just simple e-mail. -most people acknowledge that in the coming years, the Internet will carry voice, fax, and video.
So we are at risk of losing current telephone and television revenues. -´anticipatory customer service´technology
-The third generation of mobile phones
- Use of PDAs computers and WiFi technology
-free phone calls- VoIP ( Voice over Internet Protocol) is a technology that allows you to make telephone calls using a broadband Internet connection instead of a regular (or analog) phone line.Now that telephone revenue in hotels is plunging due to a continuous increase in cell phone use, hotels must find alternate solutions for guestroom connectivity. With VoIP technology implemented in telephones, guests can make long distance and international calls anytime from their room at a very low cost. This only adds to the guest's comfort and overall experience at the hotel.

social factors:
The third external factors are the social issues to be assessed. The main points to consider are, lifestyle trends, demographics, consumer attitudes and opinions, consumer buying patterns, buying access and trends and law changes affecting social factors.

- weddings decline
There were 291,800 weddings in the UK in 2002 – 2 per...

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