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Topics: Soft drink, Marketing, Scientific method Pages: 4 (1394 words) Published: September 22, 2014
Marketing: An Introduction
Britvic’s Case Assessment

1. Marketing concept states that success is achieved by indentifying needs and wants of the target market by satisfying them batter than rivals and competitors. Its three characteristics are the following.

Customer satisfaction: The firm should identify and define customer needs and wants as well as their expectations of all the goods and services provided. Profit: According to the market concept, profit can only be achieved by the customers getting a reasonable product for a reasonable price, while for the company it’s to receive a reasonable profit from a reasonable product that has been acquired by satisfying customers. Total Company effort: All the departments functions and section of the business must work together to meet the main objectives of the firm, which is to satisfy customers.

2. The soft drinks Company Britvic’s micro environment revolves around its rivals, buyers and suppliers. Due to a variety of soft drinks available on the market, Britvic’s is facing stiff competition in almost every market its invested In, but it’s still ranked 2nd in the UKs leading soft drink sales. Some of its popular products like Pepsi are licensed and receives product ingredients direct from Pepsi Co. Due to this, good relations need to be made and kept as if supplies are stopped it could lose some chunk of that market share that it has invested so much resources in and even worse losing customers to other brands. The SWOT analysis of Britvic is the stuff which is necessary for any business to survive. With this analysis it can better analyze its situation in the national and global markets.

Strength: Having drinks from the leading brand, license to produce and brand loyalty. In Britvic’s case, it having a diverse portfolio of products is a valuable and key element that helps it to better position them in the market. Weakness: It means the company has a poor reputation that causes many problems for...
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