Marketing Group Project Apple

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Apple Marketing Project Part 2
Mariah Sweeney, Leanne Lefave, Peter Gongol
Baker College of Auburn Hills
October 31, 2013

Question 1: Peter Gongol
Apple is one of the most popular technology companies in the world which puts a target on their back every one wants to take their crown for best products apple seems to defy the rules of economics even in a recession they can move millions of units of product people don’t seem to care apple could sell ice to an Eskimo if there logo was on it an upwards turn nothing would happen and same for a down turn they seem to play by their own rules and it was working for a long time but Samsung is right behind them now and out selling the iPhone with their galaxy line of phones which in a way is just smoke and mirrors there are more than one model of the galaxy and well now two of the iPhone but more models that vary in their purpose you reach a larger market that way and same Samsung gets that apple does not and that’s why there being out sold apple needs a phone to match each market place Samsung is in the iPhone matches the galaxy s but not the note with its bigger screen so they lose that part of the market by default. 

Question 2: Mariah Sweeney     
Apple is committed to ensuring the highest standards of social responsibility wherever their products are made. According to their website, Apple insists that their suppliers provide safe working conditions, treat workers with dignity and respect, and use environmentally responsible manufacturing processes. In the online article titled “Where Is Apple’s Social Purpose?” Author Paul Klien lists a few ideas for apples social purpose. One of them includes “Support the development of technology that contributes to and measures social change. Technology has become central to fighting disease, distributing food, improving education, and Apple should be a leader.” (Klien, 2011). There are a few more ideas that apple should actually...

References: Klien, P. (12, August 2011). Forbes. Where Is Apple’s Social Purpose? Retrieved from
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