Marketing for Washing Machine

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‘The marketing environment comprises the individuals, organizations, and forces that impinge on the activities of marketers. Some of the effects are direct and relatively immediate (the micro-environment), while others are essentially forces for change in the future (the macro-environment)’ (Pamler, 2009:36). This part will illustrate how the business environment affect Zanussi ZWH6160P

All these external influences are beyond the control of the marketer and they can affect the decisions and plans marketers make, therefore continual analysis is needed. The factors are: Political, Economic, Social-culture, Technological, Legal and Ecological.

Political and Legal: ‘The political environment relates to the period of interaction between business, society, and government before those laws are enacted, when they are still being formed, or are in dispute’(Baines, Fill &Page, 2008:67).The marketing of washing machines are affected by political changes. However, it is hard to say how the political and legal affect the specific type of washing machines such as Zanussi ZWH6160P because the factor has influence on the whole washing machine market, not for the specific one.

Economic: Nowadays, because during a recession, consumers tend to purchase fewer goods and increase their saving, and the prices fall further as produces attempt to stimulate demand. In this situation, when Zanussi ZWH6160P launched, it has already faced to the hard time. They made the price around 400 pounds at first, but now we can see its price is around 250pounds. And many stores include online shops have already made the discounts to sale it.

Another situation is increase in unemployment rates leads to customers have less power to purchase Zanussi ZWH6160P. Also recently UK government set higher income tax, lowers consumers spending money and they have less ability to demand washing machines. However, since the suppliers start set lower price of...
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