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Table of Contents
Part 1: Background, Target Audience and Goals3
1.1 Background3
1.2 Campaign purpose, focus and impact:4
1.3 Target audience:5
1.4 Objective and goals:5
Part 2: Barriers, Competition and Influential Others7
2.1 Behavioral change model will employ7
2.2 The barriers that target audience may have to adopting the desired behavior8
2.3 The key benefits that target audience will receive8
2.4 Competing Alternative Behaviors9
Part 3: Positioning and Marketing Strategies10
3.1 Positioning statement10
3.2 Product design and platform10
3.3 Price11
3.4 Place11
3.5 Promotion11
Reference List13

Part 1: Background, Target Audience and Goals
1.1 Background
Plastic bottles can be found almost everywhere surrounding us since these attests to the fact of their usefulness and convenience for packaging liquid beverage and food product to be sold to customers. According to Max Liboiron (2009), Lastituto Recide campaign indicates, “If you don’t recycle, recycle. It’s a no-brainer. It’s the obvious way to go. Recycle.” There is a truth is that we are now using plastic items 20 times more than we did 50 years ago but only about 24 percent of recycle rate (Benefits of recycling, 2013). They are considered as lighting in weight and almost unbreakable when used in designed purpose. This could be the reason why plastic bottles account for a large amount of waste generated by our throwaway society. Zac Goldsmith (2012) stated: “The 240,000 tones of plastic bottles sent to landfill last year would have been value tens of millions of pounds if they’d been recycled. We need to make more of an effort to eliminate waste, and this initiative will certainly help”. Therefore, many studies showed that recycled plastic bottles are a critical and pervasive part in human lives with 825 percent growth of recycling for all kinds of unused between 1996-1997 and 2002-2003 (Benefits of recycling, 2013). In fact when compare to other materials; such as metal, paper or glass; plastic polymers require more complicated and difficult processing to be recycled. Base on the actual study, there are only 1 in 5 bottles are recycled and the other 4 provide to the 3 billion pounds of plastic water bottles extra to land fills every year (Ocean Crusaders, 2013). As a result of mitigating global warming, pollution and perishing natural resource to current society, recycling can be only the best solution. Through organized recycling process, the societies round the world can be actually rebuild and preserve natural resources and environment actually or whatever is left of it to original condition (McKenzie-Mohr, Lee, Schultz & Kotler, 2012). Thus, it is the right period to do recycling when the environmental issues as global warming and growing fossil fuel fees a now greatly common comparing to preceding periods. Every plastic item that does not recycle will costs people through higher landfill charges. If we want to save our pocket and environment, we need to have a bottles recycling campaign to raise people awareness for this vital issue by using resources in efficiency way. 1.2 Campaign purpose, focus and impact:

Consumers keep getting confusion about what can and cannot be recycled. This gives us the faculty to educate people about plastics recycling and the occasion to eliminate the misperception from the public by explaining about plastic recycling in the understandable way. Normally consumers believe that the racing arrows on the bottom of a plastic goods means a item could be recycled but that is not always truth when normally people will choose not to recycle since they can’t discover the appropriate bin or place to recycle. Thus, the main purpose of this campaign would be raising the awareness of all consumers in Australia market about a considerable amount of waste reduction activities. The performance of suitable recycling initiative could bring desirable influence from this campaign. The core...
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