Marketing Environment of Mcdonalds

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Mac Donald’s Company
1)Economic Environment
Even with current economic condition, M’cDonalds remains optimistic. According to Business Times (2009), “McDonalds Malaysia expects its delivery service business to jump 40 per cent this year as its new call centre can handle more orders.” They invested over two million ringgit for setting up the new call center. In addition the Managing Director Azmir Jaafar, said the company “plans to invest 8 million ringgit this year to open between 15 and 20 new restaurants.”(2009). 2)Natural Environment

Malaysia natural environment is considered good. Base on the report by Department of National Environment Energy and Resources, the Air Pollution Index is the status of good in many areas in the country. In relation to this, McDonald around the world has always been a company which practice to protect the natural and community resources that support and are affected by their activities. McDonalds promotes recycling and energy conservation. Since 1990, they had recycled 2 billion corrugated cardboard purchased more than 3 billion in product made from recycle material s and eliminated several million pounds of packaging”(McDonalds) 3)Legal And Political Environment

In Malaysia they are bound with a Syariah Law which states all food served must be Halal. McDonalds is one of the many fast food chain restaurant in Malaysia gained Muslim consumer confident. McDonalds in Malaysia underwent rigorous inspections by Muslim clerics to ensure ritual cleanliness the chain was rewarded with a Halal (clean and acceptable) certificate, indicating the total absence of pork products. 4)Technological Environment

McDonalds has been adopting the use of technology in delivering its fast food to their consumers. The use of telecommunication technology is a good strategy to begin in online service diverse from its brick and mortar concept. As explained above McDonalds had expanded their call centre capability which “now can handle up to 70,000...
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