Marketing Environment

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We are going to make a marketing plan examines the launch MHS-FS3 3D Bloggie Sony HD Camera into Vietnam. Sony Bloggie 3D MHS-FS3 camera is revealed in exhibition CES 2011 in Las Vegas. The Sony Bloggie 3D HD camera includes unique features that break through the cluttered category while still offering simple high quality MP4 video and still photo shooting, as well as easy web sharing capabilities. The line of portable devices, anchored by the recently launched Sony Bloggie Touch, now is 3D technology. With the Sony Bloggie 3D MHS-FS3 every one can capture “had to be there” in a whole new way anytime, anyplace.

Our marketing plan contains 5 main parts:
1. Marketing environment analysis
2. Defining target market
3. Target marketing strategy adopting
4. Positioning
5. Developing marketing mix strategy.

Marketing environment

1. Competitor analysis

In Vietnam, the electronics industry is quite competitive, especially digital camera. Vietnamese are very favorable of foreign brand names so Vietnam is a large market for some brands like Sony, canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Samsung, Fujifilm, Kodak and Olympus. Look through the history of digital camera; it is the battle of survival.


• Kodak and Nikon, two giants who first entered into digital cameras fields marked the dominance in the period of 1991 - 1992.

• However, since Canon anticipated in the game, it quickly captures market thanks to advanced technologies and effective strategies, defeating his two predecessors.

• Attacks from giants in manufacturing consumer electronics such as Samsung, Panasonic and BenQ to gain as much market share as possible of the names higher ranked - Sony, Kodak, Olympus, Nikon, Fujifilm - and even from Canon - the leader.

• Canon reveals products with high technology but in high price with the message - “Delighting You Always”. Its high ISO performance is so brilliantly implemented. Canon “reverse” engineered light into your pictures without use of flash. Hence “Delighting You Always” remains true to its slogan.

• The second ranked Sony is evaluated to have the similar features but emphasized the power of creativity, ability to turn ideas into reality and the belief that anything imaged, it can be real represented by “makes belief”.

• Sony creates the innovation in the pocket video camera space Sony Bloggie 3D MHS-FS3 camera - the first 3D pocket digital camera without 3d glasses. At all most same time, Samsung introduces new camera has Wifi function that users can direct upload and email. SH100 14 Megapixel WiFi Digital Camera can be a big competitor to sony bloggie 3D through its direct connecting other devices. • The appearing of ViewSonic 3DV5 3D is also a threat to Bloggie Sony 3D.

2. Economic forces
Economic Development Projections towards the year 2010 in Vietnam |Description |(1995 base year) |2000 |2010 | |1. Population (million people) |74 |83 |95 | |2. National GDP (in billion US$ at constant prices of 1994) |20.26 |24.43 |38 | |3. Contribution to National GDP in percent per sector: | | | | | |- Farm (including forests) |28 |20 |21 | | | | | | | | |- Non-farm |30 |34 |38 | | |- Services |42...
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