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Understanding The Marketing Environment
September 14, 2014
Professor Dwayne Roark

Understanding the Marketing Environment
Understanding the Marketing Environment is vital for every company that intends to bring a product to market. Understanding the infrastructure, the challenges and the rewards of Channel Behavior, Channel Organization and Channel types will prepare an organization to make the necessary steps in bringing their product line to the public. Direct Channel, Retailer, Wholesaler or Agent Channels will need to be defined based on the product and target market audience. Whether a Vertical, Horizontal, Multichannel or Traditional marketing scheme works best for any particular organization can only be discovered once the products target market is clearly defined and any niche marketing has been laid out. Understanding how the internet and other factors play part in moving product, the Manufacturer has more choices than ever and creating alliances in the market place in non traditional channels can create some of the best opportunities to satisfy consumers in new ways. Understanding the Marketing Environment

Understanding the distribution channels, the different levels, as well as the different types of organizations is the beginning to gaining insight to the many possibilities in bringing a product to market and doing it the most cost effective way. These are the most common marketing channels for consumer products. The Direct Channel is where the product that is manufactured by the Producer is delivered directly to the end user, the Consumer; this method can bring many financial rewards if executed properly. The Retail Channel is defined by the Producer of a good sending it to a Big Box retailer, such as Wal-Mart or Target and then sold to the Consumer. This method works well for many goods, however the price tends to be more expensive due to the additional costs for logistics, product liability insurance generally...

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