Marketing: Elbulli Case

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Leah Kesselman
elBulli Case Study

ElBulli is one of the best restaurants in the entire world and provides an extremely unique experience. It is only open 6 months of the year and getting a reservation is almost impossible. They only serve 8,000 customers a year, but get 1 to 2 million reservation attempts a year. The restaurant itself is a difficult journey, but once you are there, the atmosphere is said to feel like an artist's home. Eating at elBulli is not just a night out to dinner, it is an experience described as “Willy Wonka” and “Lab-like full of stainless steel.” Guests receive a tour of the kitchen and are then taken to a terrace that overlooks the beach for some relaxing and tasty cocktails. Then it is time for the meal and the customers are guided into the main dining room, where they are presented with an amazing array of dishes from the tasting menu. The tasting menu changes daily and is like a movie with three acts and 35 small dishes. The meal takes a very long time, but it is filled with explosive tastes and beautiful presentations. The atmosphere of the restaurant is as fantastic as the food tastes.

ElBulli opened in June 1961, by a German physician Dr. Hans Schilling. Him and his wife opened a mini golf course that eventually became beach bar primarily serving tourists and then it became a restaurant. Dr. Schilling traveled often and visited the finest restaurants. He wanted to incorporate sophisticated recipes and ideas into his menu. Soon a chef named Jean-Louis Neichel joined elBulli and that is when the restaurant earned one Michelin star. With the coming and going of the tourists, the restaurant would close down during the winter and this was the time the chef would use to study new cuisine and create a new menu for the next season. The secret behind elBulli is Adria's style and he worked as hard as he could to learn from famous chefs and imitate the best nouvelle cuisine recipes. By 1988, Adria wanted to introduce...
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