Marketing Department

Topics: Marketing, Sales, Customer service Pages: 4 (1084 words) Published: January 31, 2013
Explain and illustrate the roles and functions of a marketing department. The marketing department studies the market and the target customers, decides the best way to reach these customers, and works with the rest of the company to help determine the new product needs of the market. The marketing department of a company carries out marketing strategies and plans. If the company is very small, one person might do all of the marketing work such as research, selling, advertising, customer service, and other activities. As the company expands, a marketing department organization emerges to plan and carry out marketing activities. In large companies, this department contains many specialties. The main responsibilities a Marketing Department must handle are not listed in any particular order, as they all should be accomplished if an organization wants to grow the value of its business. Marketers should spend time listening to their customers in order to understand their needs and wants regarding a particular product or service. Requesting thoughts and input from internal stakeholders such as Sales and Customer Service is also appropriate, as these departments are typically closest to the customer. Learning about and understanding the competitive landscape is also an important function of the Marketing Department. Marketers within an organization should be able to answer certain types of questions; who is the competition? What do they communicate? Which customers do they serve? Why do customers choose the competitors instead of their organisation? The insights and feelings formed about an organization, its products or services and its performance is what is known as its “brand.” The Marketing Department is responsible for creating meaningful messages through words, ideas, images, and names that deliver upon the promises or benefits an organization wishes to make with its customers. Furthermore, the Marketing Department is responsible for ensuring...
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