Marketing Current Event Report

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MAR 100- Section 006
Maxiel Corporan Hidalgo
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‘Current Event Report- “With Whimsy, Burt’s Bees Introduces Its First TV Campaign”- from N.Y Times, Business-advertising section’

“It’s one thing to tweet to them, but to reach them on their calendars during their lunch break is a delightful way to say, ‘We really appreciate you and want to brighten your day,’ ” Katharine Belloir.

I. Introduction:
Burt’s Bees, the natural personal care brand, is introducing television commercials, the first for the 30-year-old brand, which highlight its flavors more than its moisturizers. The promotion of the lip balm it has traditionally been functionally driven, meaning that marketers only used to focus on its effectiveness, that it was the solution to the dryness in your lips and it was 100% naturally made. But now on this new advertisement, consumers are going to see more of what is called: ‘Personality driven’ and ‘Lifestyle-focused advertising’; with an emphasis on the flavors as a way to reinforce the fun aspect of the brand.

- Products: Goods or services with tangible and intangible characteristics that provide satisfaction and benefits. – Campaign: Specific activities designed to promote a product, service or business. A marketing campaign is a coordinated series of steps that can include promotion of a product through different mediums (television, radio, print, online) using a variety of different types of advertisements. – Research Firm: A statement from a brokerage firm or other investment advisory service discussing a specific security, industry, and market or news item. Research notes are usually meant to contain time-sensitive information that applies to the current day's trading session or some event in the near future. - TV Commercials: Is a span of television programming produced and paid for by an organization, which conveys a message, typically to market a product or service. – Production: The creation and assembly of components and finished products for sale. Three common types of manufacturing production are make-to-stock (MTS), make-to-order (MTO) and make-to-assemble (MTA). – Marketing: A group of activities designed to expedite transactions by creating, distributing, pricing and promoting goods, services and ideas. - Market: A group of people who have a need, purchasing power and the desire and authority to spend money on goods, services and ideas. – Advertising: Marketing and campaigns that place emphasis on the needs and wants of small sets of people or on an individual consumer, as opposed to targeting a mass audience. - Brand’s signature: Is a name, term, symbol, design, or combination that identifies a product and distinguishes it from other products. – Expenditures: Funds used by a company to acquire or upgrade physical assets such as property, industrial buildings or equipment. – Director of Marketing: Is a corporate executive responsible for marketing activities in an organization. Most often the position reports to the chief executive officer. - Print ads: Is the process of production and dissemination of literature, music, or information — the activity of making information available to the general public. – Consumer: Is a person or group of people, such as a household, who are the final users of products or services. The consumer's use is final in the sense that the product is usually not improved by the use. - Company’s share: The percentage of an industry or market's total sales that is earned by a particular company over a specified time period. – Business partner: An organization in which two or more individuals manage and operate the business. Both owners are equally and personally liable for the debts from the business. Also called partnership. II. External Environment:

The marketing environment includes very important aspects to...

References: (Current event article)
Class Textbook: MKTG Student 8th edition by Lamb, Hair and McDaniel. Chapter 4, from page 51 to 66.
Extra textbook: M- Business 4th edition by Ferrell, Hirt and Ferrell. Chapter 1, page 4; Chapter 11, pages 223 and 228; and Chapter 12, page 246.
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