Marketing Concept

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The marketing concept is a managerial philosophy that an organization should try to satisfy customers' needs through a coordinated set of activities that also allows the organization to achieve its goals. The marketing concept strives to satisfy customers by determining what buyers want and then by using that information. Businesses also have to alter, adapt, and develop new products to continue earnings profits. By being customer oriented, objectives of a business, such as, increasing profits, market sharing, sales, or a combination can be achieved. This philosophy is aimed at helping the customers, but if the customers' objections are not met the business may not stay open very long.

The local business that I have visited is Table D'Art, which is located in Roslyn Heights on Glen Cove Road. The store sells many unique and elaborate items that could be given as gifts or for your own home. Although they are luxury items they are a good asset to a home. There were also more types of products that may appeal to customers more. I have been here before and noticed that they have many new and unique items.

The store is located in a very nice area, and the shopper's usually have a lot of money to spend on nice things. This is what the buyer's want. They want to fill their homes with beautiful things, and Table D'Art can certainly do that. Some of the items sold in this shop can also be found in Bloomingdale's. The customer's are willing to spend the money for something that is of high quality, but they don't have to go to department stores. After conducting my research on Table D'Art I think that they are implementing the marketing concept. Not only are their prices competitive, but they also have a large selection of hard to find items. Their unique assortment offers many exclusive varieties for gifts. They also have several other locations. One location which is in West Port, Connecticut has just opened. There is also another location in...
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