Marketing Communications

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The Wider Aspects of Marketing Communications
A Formal Client Report for the UK Charity Commission from JP Communications


1.0 Abstract Front Page 2.0 Introduction Page Four 3.0 The Charity Commission of Great Britain Page Four 4.0 What is the Market Communication Mix Page Four 4.1 Why is it important? Page Five 4.2 The Marketing Communication Plan Page Five/Six 4.3 Advertising Page Six/Seven 4.4 Sales Promotion Page Seven/Eight 4.5 Public Relations Page Eight/Nine 4.6 Direct Marketing Page Nine/Ten 4.7 Personal Selling Page Ten 5.0 Market Segmentation Page Ten 5.1 Why Segment the Markets? Page Eleven 6.0 Conclusion Page Eleven/Twelve 7.0 Recommendations Page Twelve 8.0 References Page Thirteen

Figure 1.1 Page Five Figure 1.2 Page Seven Figure 1.3 Page Eight Figure 1.4 Page Ten Figure 1.5 Page Eleven

2.0 Introduction

This is a formal client report for the UK Charity Commission from JP Marketing Communications. This report will look in to detail about how to develop Marketing Communication strategies for The Charity Commission of Great Britain as well as using the Marketing Communications Mix to gain a better understanding of how other charities develop strategies to boost awareness of their campaign and how they identify their target market.

3.0 The Charity Commission of Great Britain

The Charity Commission of Great Britain oversee, register and regulates charities in England and Wales, it is their job to make sure that all charities meet all of the legal requirements...

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