Marketing Communication Plan for Croco Tape

Topics: Adhesive tape, Pressure sensitive tape, Duct tape Pages: 14 (3352 words) Published: July 31, 2013

For almost 20 years, Crocodile Tape and Company Incorporated has provided the market with affordable and high quality products. The demands on the society and the market have pushed the company to innovations and development. Thus makes Crocodile Tape Co., Inc. the number one adhesive tape manufacturer in the Philippines albeit it growing competitors.

Crocodile Tape and Co., Inc. has already established a good image to its market.

‘Ellipses’ has been asked to come up with an integrated marketing communications plan. We will focus on advertising on print and social media since these are the existing advertising strategy of Crocodile Tape and Co., Inc. TV advertisement will not be used as it is not used by the company before.

The target market is consists of all that is capable of buying Croco Products, Filipino buyers, bookstore chains, construction sites owners, hardware owners, general merchandisers and suppliers, heavy users of Croco products, parents especially the mothers, students, office clerks, office workers, and light users of Croco products.

Our objective is to create an advertising strategy for the back-to-school preparation period which covers the months of January, February, and March. Thus is the reason why we will cover the occasions in these months such as New Year, Valentine’s Day, and Graduation Day.

The Advertising Agency, ‘Ellipses’ has been asked to develop an integrated marketing communications plan for Crocodile Tape and Company Incorporated. The plan will mainly focus on the Back-to-school preparation period which covers the months of January, February and March. The budget has been set to 1 million per month. This plan will use marketing and advertising based on existing Crocodile Tape & Co., Inc. information, combined with our observations and knowledge of the product and the market. The plan will also give importance to the packaging and promotion of Crocodile Tape products considering that it remains number one in the market. Existing Croco characters will be used as well.

Our mission is to create a series of advertisements for Crocodile Tape & Co., Inc. that will run in the Back-to-school preparation period which covers the months of January, February and March. We will focus on maintaining and highlighting Crocodile Tape & Co., Inc. image as a mass-friendly company.

Crocodile Tape and Company Incorporated was established in year 1992 and started in Binondo, Manila. For 20 years, this company produces varieties of tapes, coated vinyl (synthetic cover plastics), and polypropylene (plastic polymers). These products, especially the tapes, are widely used in different field, especially in school, construction sites or carpentry, handicrafts or art works. As of now, they have their website ( which gives an online catalog for the costumers, product description and list of the tape products. It also includes the places and names of the distributors such as the branches and plant locations. They have their plantation in Valenzuela City and their Sales Office in Quezon City. They have kinds of adhesive tape products, such as PVC Produced tapes or Bakery tapes, colored tapes, Teflon tape (heat sealer), Kraft tape, Gummed tape, Aluminum Duct tape, Electrical tape, Gypsum Board tape, Masking tape, Lithographic tape, Packaging tape, Printed Tape, Warning tape, Stationary tape, Teflon Pipe tape, Filament tape, Cloth Duct tape, Floor Marking tape and Mending tape. They produce also 4 kinds of Double-sided tapes like Adhesive, Automotive, Foam and Tissue type. Croco tapes also selling 5 coated vinyl products like Surface Protection film, Stretch film, Aluminum foil, foil wrap, Food wrap and other office tools such as correction fluid, fax papers, tape dispensers, Croco tape is known as the first full line tape manufacturers and converters in the...
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