Marketing Communication for Lenovo

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Table of ContentPage
1) Executive Summary 3 2) Background3
3) Demographic & Psychographic3 - 4
4) Positioning Strategies & Perceptual Maps4
5) Marketing Communications Objectives5
6) Current MARCOM Mix - Advertisement5 6.a.1) Advertising Appeals 6 6.a.2) Executional Frameworks 7 7) Current MARCOM Mix - Public Relations Activity7 - 9

8) Current MARCOM Mix - Internet Marketing Strategy (e-Commerce)9 - 10 9) Integrated Market Communications10 - 11
10) References12
11) Appendices13

1. Executive Summary
This report is commissioned to conduct a research & analyse the effectiveness of LENOVO YOGA PRO 3 current MARCOM activities (Advertisement, Public Relations & Internet Marketing) launched in Hong Kong. Thereafter, evaluate if the MARCOM Mix are integrated. 2. Background

LENOVO is the world largest personal computer (PC) vendor by volume as of today. But since the invasion of smartphone & tablet in the early 2000s, its PC market share has been eroding rapidly over the years. With the demand for tablet continue to escalate, this signified a change in fundamental PC user behaviour, from PC to Tablet. Driven by customer centric, Lenovo launched its 1st portable Tablet-PC convertible in 2012 - IdeaPad Yoga 11, which has the capability to transform from PC to Tablet. This capability enable a new way to multitask for different functions; from writing proposals, to building presentations, to emailing, online social media and online shopping To counter aggression from its rivals, Yoga Pro 2 was introduced in Oct 2013 and subsequently in Oct 2014 the launch of Yoga Pro 3 whereby it is built with the innovative watchband-like hinge to improve the durability which allows in 4 different modes for different functions. This initiative also enables the device to be the world lightest and slimmest portable Tablet-PC hybrid. 3. Demographic & Psychographic Analysis

As analysed, the demographic factors of the target audiences are not gender-specific (ie. for both male & female users) and with age ranging from 25 to 50 years old. The target audiences is mainly employed and drawing a monthly income of HK$20K and above. They are either an OL or Executive and holding at least a secondary education level. While the psychographic factors of the target audience are presumably an enthusiastic person and constantly seeking for variety and excitement. They tend to spend substantially on quality innovative high-tech gadgets and enjoy spending extensive time on their PC or tablet, both for work and leisure. They also would prefer to spend much of their leisure time socializing on social media instead of engaging in sport activities. 4. Positioning Strategy & Perceptual Map Analysis

Doubtlessly, the marketer has adopted the Product Attributes positioning strategy (Claw & Baack, 2014) since it was developed, as the product was named after the fitness exercise – Yoga, mainly to emphasize the product capability and flexibility to transform from PC to Tablet (including Tent or Stand). Yoga Pro 3 has several improved product attributes/ features namely the innovative watchband-like hinge which enable the device to transform from PC to Tablet and notably being the world lightest and slimmest portable Table-PC convertible. As illustrated in Figure 1, the perceptual mapping of the product has outscored its competition. In addition, it is also equipped with the latest top-of-the-line technologies, Intel HD Graphic 5300 display card and its keyboard operation performance which are competitively better than...

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