Marketing Communication

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Marketing Communications
It is imperative for all companies to communicate with the involved stakeholders. These stakeholders include the government, the vendors, the retailers, and the clientele in a particular locale. Marketing communications refers to management procedures that entail interactions with distinct audiences from diverse backgrounds (Blakeman 2009). The study shall examine the features of an integrated marketing communications mix strategy for Hewlett Packard Company. More intently, the research shall focus on a strategy that pertains to launching a new HP venture in China. In addition, this essay shall examine the competitors of HP in the Chinese locale, the features of the Chinese market, and the marketing strategies of HP’s competitors in China.

It is necessary to define some critical terms that are relevant to the analysis of this essay. Integrated marketing communications involves displaying an idea that relates to marketing communications planning. It distinguishes the benefits extensive plans and it scrutinizes the strategic functions of different communication disciplines (Fill 2002). The marketing communications mix deals with the consolidation of the specific mixes and these are advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, public relations, and direct marketing (Ruskin-Brown 2006). The firm applies the features of the market communication mix to achieve the set marketing and advertising objectives. There is no prescribed formula for stability when working with brands globally. Peculiar Characteristics of Customers in the Chinese Market

The Chinese customers exhibit unique traits, and it is paramount for HP to conduct an in-depth review of the consumer trends in China. The first feature that pertains to the Chinese customers is regional diversity (Shimp 2010). China incorporates three primary locales. Of these three locales, the most lucrative segment is the target market in the coastline region. The locale...

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