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Creative Brief Template (IMC Brief)

Document your Brand Item, Groups Members and Group Name.
Hawley & Hazel Chemical (H&H), a joint venture with Colgate-Palmolive, is involved in the manufacture of components for oral care products, e.g. Darlie and Colgate toothpaste, toothbrushes and personal care series of Palmolive.

1Marketing Objectives
The brand’s marketing objectives such as share or volume goals, summary of market situation, key competitor activity, marketing issues and challenges.
H&H’s successful brand image and channel development resulted in an over 60% market share in Taiwan and around 20%-70% of market share around the world. Marketing issues and challenges faces within the company and the brand darlie.For them to keep ahead in the ever-changing market, and continue its expansion plan, H&H-CP needed a complete channel strategy. Specifically, it wanted to, further increase the volume of purchase by the channels, and completely edge out competitors. The challenges face within the brand is the protray of racism to the black and religious commuity which H&H have been trying to change its packaging and its brand darkie to darlie. However until date, the logo of the toothpaste still exsist which cost a stir to the community and also the market as many people will boycott the product. Build a strong, technology-superior channel management system without disrupting the existing one. Their competitor includes, pearlie white, sensodyne, Kodomo and systema. These are the leading competitor that have been significant in the singapore market.

2Communication Objectives
What the communication needs to accomplish (e.g. change awareness, attitude, opinion, consideration or perception, etc… including quantitative measures, what consumers are expected to think, feel or do.

The Hawley & Hazel Group is a reliable and trusted manufacturer of high quality oral care products, including the world-renowned Darlie brand of toothpastes and toothbrushes. Established in 1933, Hawley & Hazel has enjoyed a long history as one of the most respected and recognised oral care names in Asia. Darlie toothpastes and toothbrushes are a firm family favourite for generations of consumers across the region. It is our goal to give our consumers a healthy and sparkling white smile, enabling them to feel attractive and confident, wherever they are.

The Hawley & Hazel Group's commercial efforts have attained significant success, and Hawley & Hazel's toothpaste products, sold under the Darlie brand, are a bestselling household name throughout the region. Today, Darlie toothpaste is one of the market leaders in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, synonymous with clean white teeth and a confident smile everywhere.

3Corporate and / or Brand Positioning
Taken from the corportate and / or brand line brand positioning. Includes target market, frame of reference, and the single relevant differentiated benefit ("RDB" - key benefit).
The target market of darlie are most people young and old in the asia region as the leader in oral health care bringing healthy teeth and fresh bright smiles to families and individuals. However due to the racism case they have stop all sales in the USA and some parts of the world as they might be sued or even boycott by the people which racism is highly regarded in the country.

4Brand Character
The key phrases or terms which describe the personality the brand should consistently portray.
They are dedicated to developing and manufacturing leading edge oral hygiene products that harness the latest technology and some of the most state-of-the-art ideas in the industry. It is...
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