Marketing Communication

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Chapter 1

Integrated communications
Chapter outline

Chapter objectives
This chapter will help you to:
■ Situate marketing communications in the marketing mix ■ Get an overview of the instruments of the marketing communications mix

and the special business-to-business and international marketing communication context ■ Understand what integrated marketing and corporate communications mean,

and their organisational implications
■ Learn to know the factors leading to integrated communications ■ Get an overview of the different levels of integration ■ Understand why fully integrated communications are not easily implemented ■ Get an overview of the essential steps in the marketing communications plan

Visit the Marketing Communications website at: depelsmacker to find out more about Royal Enfield. Royal Enfield is an Indian based motorcycle manufacturer which advertises and sells its products internationally. How does Royal Enfield adapt its message, creative strategy and its media choice to cultural differences between the countries they market their products in?

Integrated communications are the integration of formerly specialised communications functions into one organisational system that conveys a consistent set of messages to all target audiences. Integrated marketing and corporate communications manage each point of contact between the consumer or other target groups and the product or the organisation, be it in a business-to-consumer, a business-to-business or a cross-cultural context. Several key drivers of IMC can be identified, such as loss of faith in mass media advertising, the need for enhanced cost-effectiveness, media and target audience fragmentation and overlap, more complex decision-making units, the need to build customer loyalty, relationship marketing and, last but not least, the evolution of technology. Integrating the marketing effort is not an easy process. Companies evolve only gradually to a truly integrated communications system. This slow evolution is caused by a number of important barriers to integration, such as the functional specialisation in companies, existing structures, the lack of internal communications and the perceived complexity of planning and co-ordination. The client–agency relationship and agency structures are profoundly impacted by the evolution towards IMC. In integrated communications many instruments are used. They are embedded in a communications plan that has to be integrated in the strategic marketing plan.

Review questions
1. Give a brief overview of the instruments of the communications mix. 2. To what extent do business-to-business communications differ from a business-toconsumer context. 3. What are the main concerns in a cross-cultural communications context? 4. What are integrated communications and in what way do they differ from ‘classic’ communications? 5. How do corporate strategy, culture and personality influence corporate indentity? 6. How does corporate identity influence corporate communication? 7. What factors have to be taken into account in corporate image management, and what is the role of communications? 8. What are the factors that reinforce the need for integrated communications, and how can the latter provide an answer to contemporary marketing communications problems? 9. What are the levels of integration a company can go through? 10. What are the barriers to integrated marketing communications? 11. In what way can the communications activities of companies and external communications consultants be integrated?

Marketing and the instruments of the marketing mix
Marketing is the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion and distribution of ideas, goods and services to create and exchange value, and satisfy individual and organisational objectives. The product tool consists of three layers. - The core product the unique benefit that is being marketed - The tangible...
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