Marketing Communication

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Marketing Communications MKTG 1266

Executive Summary

In this report, our team came up with an Integrated Marketing Communication plan for a confectionary product named Smarties. This confectionary product has been on the shelves for a very long period of time. However, due to other rising competitors and lack of promotions, this product soon became unpopular leading to a decrease in sales.

In order to boost Smarties’s sales and improve their brand image, the team analyzed the problem that Smarties has to solve in order to be back in the Top of Mind category. The team evaluated the positioning Smarties™ tell under as well as its direct competitors namely, Van Houten Twinkles, M&Ms and Meiji Marble Chocolate. Evaluation was done historically and in the future for the product so as to understand the rationale for the brand basic marketing strategy. A Behavior Sequence Model was created to further understand and analyze the appropriate target audience and their reaction to Smarties.

In the report, the team came up with marketing and promotional objectives to further improve on the brand image and equity of Smarties. Also, an integrated communication program was created which includes the agency brief. There were budget allocations worked out for each segment of promotion. Through media, the team branch out each element and created emphasis on more important elements. However, some elements needed readdressing hence the evaluation and control section comments on possible corrective actions that may be needed to be carried out during the program.

With all areas being addressed, an Integrated Marketing Communication plan was created by the team.



Stage One3
1.1 Problem Analysis3
1.1.1 Brand Positioning Framework4
1.1.2 Behavior Sequence Model6
1.1.3 Communication Process7
1.1.4 Marketing Strategy8
1.2 Marketing and Promotional/ Communication Objective9
1.2.1 Overall Marketing Communication Objective9
1.2.2 Communication Effects Sequence9
1.2.3 Communication Budget9

Stage Two10

2.1 Strategic and Techniques10
2.1.1 Media Advertising10
2.1.2 Media Schedule16
2.1.3 Budget Allocation16
2. 2 Evaluation and Control20
2.2.1 Evaluation Techniques20
2.3.2 Corrective Actions21
Possible Problems21
2.4 Creative Recommendation23

A.1 Agency Brief27
A.2 Media Schedule29


Stage One

1.1 Problem Analysis

Scanning through the shelves in supermarkets, Smarties™ are placed next to its competitor brands such as M&M, Twinkles and Meiji. This makes their products look homogeneous with the rest. Purchasing such products often require low involvement which leads to low switching cost. Hence, when there is an out-of-stock situation, customers may easily find a substitute for Smarties. Next, its competitor, M&M, is aggressive in their marketing communication, making their brand name to be Top of The Mind (TOTM) to their customers. Thus, the external pressure in the market place further threatens Smarties.

In the 90’s, there were still existences of Smarties™ commercial on the television. Now, the company solely depends on minimal in-store promotion and lacks advertising in Singapore. Base on that, Smarties™ relies on past promotion and brand recognition to compete against their competitors. Nestle focus their efforts on more lucrative oversea markets, and other product lines such as Milo and Kit-Kat.

There were also limited product mix depth in the market where customer are only left with sharebags option to purchase. Besides that, Smarties can only be found in certain market place with minimal and less prominent shelf spaces, this makes their product less attractive compared to its rivals.



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