Marketing Chocolate in Finland

Topics: World population, Chocolate, Demographics Pages: 20 (5700 words) Published: March 21, 2011
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Finland ranks number 5 among the European countries in the amount of chocolates consumed. Per capita chocolate consumption is 13 kilograms (Byrne) while per capita confectioner sweet consumption is 6.6kg (Stiff). The variety of chocolates available in the market varies from the high end to ordinary ones. The chocolate market is very active and competitive. There are too many local and international players but the consumer market remains large for more players. The target market for a chocolate product is almost entirely all age groups, including the tourists who would buy chocolates to bring to their home country.

To enter the competitive chocolate market, and with the good cultural reception of the Finns to a taste that is new, unique and different, it would be a good strategy to introduce chocolate flavors that are entirely new and completely unavailable in Finland. This marketing proposal would like to introduce a new chocolate line based on the contemporary Asian and North American chocolate flavors. We intend to create new chocolate products based on fruit flavorings (e.g. berry and citrus milk flavors, banana, mango, etc), spicy flavor, or dark choco-coconut flavor, brandy-rum flavor, and other unusual flavors.

Finland and Canada has already established trading links that shall pave the way for new traders like. This will make product entry easier. Its good political leadership, consistent economic stability and transparency, and good business and financial freedom ensure that Finland is a perfect place for investments. The transportation and communication infrastructure are able to support business growth by providing access link between goods and consumers.

Its culture is mainly traditional and feminine yet has a high tolerance for changes and diversity. The Finns are fond of traditions and holiday celebrations that reflect a culture of mysticism, religion, and modernity. With these attributes, we have come up with a chocolate product that resembles tradition and diversity.

Finland has a total population of 5, 250, 275 people, in 2009. This is composed of 16% young dependents aged 0-14 and 16% old dependents aged 66 and above, expected to be unemployed and economically unproductive. This leaves a total of 67% working population, aged 15-65. The population pyramid structure of Finland resembles that of a typical ageing developing country which has a bulge in the middle age group...
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