Marketing Channels

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a. The Independent Beauty Consultant participate in the eight universal marketing flows by: 1. Independent Beauty Consultant should have the Physical possession to be able to start her business in the right track to be in touch with all the company channels. 2. Independent Beauty Consultant will have the Ownership of all the products that they are using in there business by buying them as a whole sale from the distributor so, that all the products are available for her customers when needed. 3. Independent Beauty Consultant has to stay in contact with her customers by offering them from time to time Promotions and good offers to attract their customers to visit her shop and use her services and products. 4. Independent Beauty Consultant has to have the power of Negotiation before closing the final deal and bargain to get the best price and deal that suits the budget of the business. 5. Independent Beauty Consultant can make her customers do the Financing part from their side by letting them pay in advance by selling them packages with lower prices and let them have the freedom to use the service anytime in the future. 6. Independent Beauty Consultant has no Risk or maybe very limited or low risk as they are giving services; and on the other hand regarding buying any product they will not place an order unless they are sure that they will have a demand or having an order that is directly from the customers. 7. Independent Beauty Consultant has two ways or Ordering system; it is either by placing an order with the company to buy the products that they have a demand on or by getting an order directly from the customer for a specific product that they want to buy. 8. Independent Beauty Consultant has to do the Payment for the products that they have purchased from the company or the distributors and the other way of payment will be the payment that is done to the beauty consultant after each services or purchase from...
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