Marketing Case Study of Lamy

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Marketing Case Study Lamy Case Study

Analysis of Marketing Strategies
Segmentation Lamy is acting very successful in their core business of writing instruments. Their relevant market is separated into 50 % of fountain pens and the other half of ballpoint pens and others. The demographic customer aspects are especially focused on age. The initial writing target group represents children between five and seven years. In addition the advanced writing target group include young and schoolchildren. The last target group of adults is concentrated on personal accessory and design. The aspects of income and profession also seems to play an important part of market segmentation. Lamy sells pens from 4€ to 400€ in public and thus covers all target groups of the society, from manager and office employees to a normal housewife. Above of all, the fountain pain is seen as an status symbol for most of the adult users. Therefore people with a higher income would prefer to buy a very exclusive fountain pen to impress their environment with high quality and exceptional design. Noticeable is, that business people emphasize to sign contracts or other important documents with special fountain pens. For this segment Lamy offers exclusive pens, with high quality and unique design which are oriented on individuals and their imagination of shape and function. For example the Lamy Al-Star, a pen made entirely of aluminium operate such professions like manager. The pen is sturdy and has the imagination of strength and power, features that are very important for successful business people. To be sure Lamy has no explicit segmentation of gender. But if we look on the latest product, the Lamy Accent, a pen with interchangeable grip and various shapes and colours we can possibly say this product respond the female segment. Women have an awareness of colours and various shapes. They can try a lot of grips to find their appropriate one and “play” with colours. Therefore this product is not only a writing instrument, but also a fashionable accessory for women. Lamy has no geographic segments for example region or country. It´s impossible to try to segment consumers in geographic aspects. There is no region or country which write more or less than the other. As well Lamy has no psychographic segmentation. We can not define people in groups who use Lamy pens because of their lifestyle or the same shared values. Pens are often seen as an routine purchase especially for schoolchildren, so a lifestyle segmentation would be not suitable for Lamy. If we focus on the behavioural aspects of market segmentation, then the benefit oriented strategy represents the important one. Lamy is famous for their quality, brand and design. People who use this pens are normally prefer a higher benefit, not only in writing but also in high quality and distinguishable design otherwise they would buy pens in a lower price segment and with a lower quality. Lamy has created a brand awareness and an brand image, thus consumers with a high brand awareness would prefer Lamy products. According to this, adults buy Lamy pens not only for their own usage but also for their children. Although most of today´s communication is no longer in handwriting, pens usage is frequently and people will always use pens, also in future. Handwriting will always be relevant and important, because each of us write letters in a different way. Sometimes we can see a persons personality from his or her writing style. This unique feature does not exist by writing on a computer. This behavioural aspect will tend people to buy pens. A price oriented strategy mean, that Lamy have to offer their products to the lowest price as their competitors. The quality would play a minor part. But the behavioural aspects of consumers would not allow Lamy to choose another strategy. With the price oriented strategy the brand image would be lost and thus the brand awareness of consumers. As we could see from the segmentation...
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