Marketing Case Questions

Topics: Convenience store, Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, Tire Pages: 2 (607 words) Published: February 23, 2011
Case Orienting Questions
The following questions are presented to assist you in your analysis of each case. You are expected to incorporate answers to these questions into your analysis, since they provide the essence of each case. ZENITH PET FOODS

1. How would you describe the household dog food market?
2. How might one segment the dog food market and where does Show Circuit fit? 3. How might Show Circuit be positioned in the dog food market? 4. What is the market potential for Show Circuit?
5. What are the marketing program economics of Show Circuit? 6. What does an appraisal of the introductory promotion program tell us? 7. Should the promotion program be accepted, rejected, or modified? SKIN-TIQUE CORPORATION

1. Based on Soft and Silky’s sales performance through 2002, results from the focus group studies, and the performance of analogous products, should the aerosol container concept be pursued further? 2. What are the economics of the 5½-oz. tube container, 5½-oz. aerosol container, and the 10-oz. aerosol container?

3. “Assuming” the research firm’s four forecasts for the combined products shown in the case exhibit are reasonable, what incremental contributions can be expected in 2003 for each forecast? 4. What are the pros/cons of commissioning the test market recommended by the research firm? 5. What action would you take in this situation?

1. How would you characterize the U.S. boating industry?
2. How is the boat purchase decision made?
3. What is the role of advertising in the boating industry?
4. How would you characterize Craft Marine’s competitive position? 5. How would you prioritize Craft Marine’s advertising objectives for 2002? 6. How much should Craft Marine spend for advertising in 2002? 7. How much should Craft Marine spend on each item in its 2002 advertising budget? GOODYEAR TIRE AND RUBBER COMPANY

1. How would you characterize the competitive environment in the tire industry in 1991? 2. What is...
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