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1: The Starbucks primarily customer type is wealthier, better educated and more professional than the average american, more likely to be female than man and predominately Caucasian and between the age of 24 and 44. They are very loyal and visited often the store sometimes multiple times a day. They like to be greeted by name and chat with the barista. Starbucks is their place to lounge and meet their friends. This was their target segment they initially entered. 2: The Starbucks Experience changed first, this is seen in the text as they grew the customers changed. the Starbucks Experience moved form cozy hang out place, a third place to be after home an work, to fast stop for coffee. This is seen in the marketing principles the 6 p’s, promotion, place, product, price, personnel and presentation. Place: With more stores the place became less special. Each location was very popular and therefore always busy, this means the initial target group is not able to peacefully lounge in the shop. Personnel: the barista had to learn a broader menu of drinks and as the shops filled with customers the names of clients were forgotten and the time to chat was left behind. Promotion: n/a

Presentation: n/a
Product: the product list expanded from several to hundreds of options. Price: Initially the price was higher, after the credit crunch the prices went lower. However by then the initial customer was almost extinct in the Starbucks shops. 3: First Starbucks tried to gain the attention again from its initial customers. However this could mean Starbucks may have to choose between the customer base. new or old. Starbucks first added labour hours and time-saving automated machines in the stores. They improved the quality of the coffee by adding a special training program for the baristas and introduced a new coffee ( full bean). After this they tried to appeal to the breakfast clients with their breakfast menu. But the most revolutionary product introduced was via, instant...
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