Marketing Campaign

Topics: Cosmetics, Cosmetology, Facebook Pages: 7 (1845 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Nicole Abeyta
Marketing Project
Professor Liz Thomas-Hensley
Marketing in the 21st Century
February 11, 2013

Abeyta 1

Executive Summary:
Stephanie Abeyta is an up and coming cosmetologist, she loves art and she expresses it through a variety of creative techniques. Stephanie wants to create trendy looks through hair, makeup, and nail design that will meet the needs of all her customers. Mission:

Evolve infinitely in peace, beauty, and Happiness
• Build a mass clientele base
•Create Art
•Meet the needs of clients
•Promoting a variety of beauty techniques
•Linking with the business community of fashion, weddings and formal events • Promoting stylish trends
•Anticipating trends in the fashion world
•Advancing lifelong relationships
•Respecting the diversity of clients
Abeyta 2
Stephanie’s goal as a cosmetologist is to create beauty, and create magic. Stephanie wants the world to be a happier, beautiful place!! At times she would like to be living in L.A. as Chelsea Handlers personal makeup artist, or doing hair and makeup for fashion shows. She would also love to own her own salon, maybe design a small clothing line and own a boutique connected to the salon. She would like to have a successful business where her friends and family can work with her, and help her run it. There are many paths that Stephanie would like to take to build her career. The clearest vision she has for herself is to live a happy, inspired life. Stephanie is an artist, and people are her canvas. Giving a beautiful new haircut, a dazzling new color, or something outrageous for a high fashion photo shoot is how she creates art. This art she creates is beautiful, and spread worldwide by others just like her. She wants to spread beauty and therefore make people happy. History: It started with a braid, a french braid or a cornrow. Blue eye shadow and pink blush, oh yeah, it started at a young age. Paint brushes, water color, sketch pads, oh yeah, it started at a young age. Art wasn't something she became interested in; it was something that ran through her veins. She was born to create are. She explored many artistic avenues; drawing, painting, nail art, writing, make-up, but it always came back to beauty. Why not create art with hair and makeup? Stephanie tried to major in psychology, English, media, but it wasn’t until she took her tour at Paul Mitchell the School that she knew that's where she belonged. She felt at home, and at that point she knew cosmetology was something she was born to do!

Abeyta 3
Services Provided:
•Texture (Perms & Relaxers)
•Silk Wraps
•Nail Design (Free Hand)
* Makeup Application

Abeyta 4 Competitors:
•Fellow Students
•Working Professionals (Cosmetologists)
•General Public
•Fashion Industry
•People in Formal Events
Current Presence in the Market:
Currently there is not a strong presence of Stephanie Abeyta's individual entity of cosmetology in the social media market. Currently Stephanie is working on a professional Facebook page showcasing the work she has done thus far. Also Stephanie is working on tutorials for nails and makeup techniques to post on YouTube. SWOT Analysis

•Plenty of room to grow
•Special niche with makeup and nails
Abeyta 5
•No social media
•No time for social media
•Current clients don't have knowledge about services
•Basic knowledge of social media
•Exponential amount of room to grow
•Stronger interactive presence
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