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Consumer Behaviour
Perceptual Maps and Beer

Executive summary

This report illustrates the relationship of beer brands within the perceptual map in regards to alcohol content and price as well as implications for consumer behaviour. The perceptual map indicates that there are market segments in premium beers with high alcohol content. There is also a market segment for low cost beers with high alcohol content. The perceptual map also shows that there are potential business opportunities for premium beers with low alcohol content.

The report also provides a high level summary of how beer companies can incorporate perceptual maps when devising their marketing strategy and implications that a perceptual map has for marketing managers. Perceptual maps can be used by marketing managers to determine where consumer’s view their brand of beer to be positioned relative to its competitors. It is a useful tool to identify direct competitors and potential niche opportunities.

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Perceptual maps and Beer5
Implications of perceptual maps on consumer behaviour5
Implications of perceptual maps on marketing strategy5
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Beer originated in Iran over 7000 years ago. Over time, the beer industry grown to an amazing $(stats)bn industry. Beer consumption over time has increased rapidly, from ## to ##.

The beer industry has evolved over time. Changing social and cultural influences have led to changes in the beer industry, in particular in the categories of alcohol content and price of beer.

Due to the popular demand of beer, marketing managers must devise sophisticated marketing strategies to sustain their competitiveness. One way in which they can determine where their brand is positioned relative to competitors is through perceptual maps.

Perceptual mapping is a method whereby …get definition from textbook and cite...

Perceptual maps provide insight into where consumers view brands relative to others based on the dimensions provided as well as the ideal points for different brands. This report provides a perceptual map of how consumers view beer brands in relation to alcohol content and price.

The report also explains how beer companies can incorporate perceptual maps when devising their marketing strategy and implications that a perceptual map has for marketing managers.

Perceptual maps and Beer

The component of beer market is ales, stouts ,bitters, low/no alcohol beers, premium lager, specialty beers and standard lager. The market is valued according to retail selling price (RSP) and includes any applicable taxes.

The perceptual map of beer brands shown that consumer judge the similarity of alternative beer brands by cost and alcoholicity. There are 20 beer brands have been chosen. From the figure1, it indicated that more than half of beer brands are located in the area of full strength and premium. It illuminated that it is no one beer brand in the position of low cost and light.

Implications of perceptual maps on consumer behaviour

Implications of perceptual maps on the marketing strategy

Hahn premium light is located on the perceptual map as a premium light beer, costing around $24-30 per case. The perceptual map indicates a cluttered market for premium light beer, illustrating Hahn to have a number of similar competitors.

With the perceptual maps evaluative criteria, a defined marketing strategy has been constructed to make Hahn light beer stand out in the market. Its creative TV ad was more than successful, with the launch of its hilarious ‘Bean Bomb’ campaign, showing a bloke leaping from a hotel balcony onto a beanbag, propelling the woman sitting on it into the pool, with this, the ad has constructed the brand to be closely associated with the Australian sense of humor—and...
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