Marketing Assignment One Toyota

Topics: Toyota Prius, Toyota, Hybrid electric vehicle Pages: 2 (505 words) Published: May 13, 2012
Toyota are faced with a number of challenging and limiting factors when considering demographics. Firstly age, Toyotas target market seem to be middle aged environmentally aware business people, Toyota miss out on a number of young customers because of the cost of running the Prius and the fact that the younger generation are more interested in appearance then being environmentally friendly. Gender seems to have little or no effect on sales of the Toyota prius because both males and females are becoming more environmentally friendly in recent years. Income would strongly effect introduction and sales of the prius, the prius costs roughly 4000 euro more than the Toyota echo and according to the Environmental Protection Agency the testing procedure for fuel consumption of the prius is not as efficient as they made it out to be. One plus to having the prius is that the US government offers a 2000 dollar federal income reduction and in the UK it is possible to avoid London’s 11 euro per day congestion charge. Although Toyota attempted to educate people about the Toyota Prius before its, release, setting up a website and emailing potential customers, people were actually quite un educated about the car. This car was the first of its kind and even with Toyotas interesting advertising and marketing the Toyota prius is still very expensive for what it is. Sales were initially good for Toyota with a waitlist of three months in October 2000 , I think that people need to hear more positive reviews about this car before deciding to invest in it. A persons occupation would have a huge effect on whether they were interested in the Toyota Prius, for example a middle aged business man in the centre of London is more likely to buy the Prius than a Farmer in the countryside in Ireland. Along with helping the environment, he would also save himself 11 euro per day Congestion charge. Toyota did an excellent job on tackling factors which could...
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