Marketing Assignment

Topics: Marketing, Catering, Price Pages: 2 (628 words) Published: July 20, 2008

Marketing Assignment
Karolina Torres
University of Phoenix
MBA/502 – Managing the Business Enterprise – Week 4

Kudler Fine Foods is interested in expanding its service offering. This paper will present examples of the kinds of opportunities Kudler has in its marketing mix (product, price, place, and promotion) for its new catering service. It will assess the relative value of the two pieces of market research and explain the components of the marketing mix for its new service. It will explain also, how to determine the products Kudler wants to offer and what its pricing should be, relative to the other catering services. In addition, the meaning of the term place in catering services, how to promote the new service, how would affect its use of technology, based on its target market and if Kudler decide to go with the catering services, how would affect the decision to use local organic growers. Marketing Mix for Kudler’s New Catering Service

Based on Sales Plan for 2007 and the contract with local organic produces growers, Kudler is in a situation where there is room to develop a new service: Catering. The 2007 Sales plan developed the cooking classes and parties in the stores to show the customers how to prepare specialty foods, encouraging customers’ loyalty, and word-of mouth marketing. This is the base for introducing the catering services, because customers got used to see what kind of service the company can offer. The marketing mix is compounded of four parts: Product, Price, Promotion, and Place. To determine those parts, first is necessary to know the target market, which is the specific group of potential customers toward which the organization will direct its marketing program. In this case, the target market is firms that already know or will come to know the products and services of Kudler. With the parties and the cooking classes at the stores, these marketing strategies were already...
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